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How Much Does It Cost To Get An ISO 9001 Certification?

After deciding to get an ISO 9001 certificate, we know this is your most burning query. However, the answer is not so simple as the actual quotation for an ISO 9001 certification depends upon various factors. Let us explore these factors in the following article.

What is an ISO 9001 certificate?

Organisations can build a Quality Management System (QMS) based on the instructions provided in the ISO 9001 standard. Whenever organisations choose to undergo an external audit by an accredited certification body, they can get the ISO 9001 certificate if their QMS aligns with the ISO 9001 requirements and there are no significant non-conformances.

ISO 9001 benefits

Clearing an external audit and getting an ISO 9001 certificate can bring with it many benefits, such as:

  • Improved brand credibility: In a sea of competitors, whenever you get an ISO 9001 certificate, you stand out as a brand that puts its customer’s requirements ahead of anything else. Additionally, as your company now operates utilising quality-first operations, your brand image enhances, and you become recognised as a business that produces high-quality products or services.
  • Better productivity: One of the standard’s core instructions is to conduct an in-depth assessment of your operations, clarify any dubious task descriptions and simplify roles and responsibilities. This creates a smoothness in your workflow, helping your employees work better. Productivity also increases as the processes become leaner and tasks become more uncomplicated.
  • Better management: The standard requires you to conduct regular assessments of your quality management policies and procedures, providing an accurate picture of what is happening in your organisation. The management is now armed with insightful data, so their decisions become fact-based.
  • Big business opportunities: With international recognition with the ISO 9001 certificate, your company will enjoy better opportunities as you can quickly enter foreign and domestic markets. Additionally, ISO 9001 is a prerequisite to qualify for many tenders, and without it, this opportunity goes wasted.

ISO 9001 certification procedure

The certification procedure is straightforward, where organisations must align the documents and processes to the standard’s recommendations and undergo an audit to acquire the certificate.

However, the certification process is slightly more complicated. Depending upon the exact nature of your organisation, you will have a variable amount of documentation and processes. To achieve certification, you must ensure that all your core processes and documents are aligned with the recommendations. Here, a gap analysis is helpful to identify the exact areas where your operations need to be in alignment.

After mitigating these gaps and aligning your documents, you must observe your quality management system, the process owners who operate with it regularly and your outputs for consistency.

It is also essential to meticulously maintain a record of these observations and ensure that they comply with the recommendations of ISO 9001. In addition to these records, you must produce the results of internal reviews to the external auditor so they can measure if you are vigilant in your assessment and evaluations.

Lastly, you must produce evidence that the findings of the internal reviews were discussed in management reviews, acted upon and re-evaluated.

So, in other words, the external auditor will have to evaluate your documentation, your processes, your records, the competency of your people, the reports of your internal audits and the results of your management reviews to determine your compliance.

Cost of ISO 9001 certificate

Now that you have understood the entire certification process, you may have gained an understanding of why the cost is variable. Moreover, you may have also appreciated how fair it is to have variability in the cost of the ISO 9001 certificate, as it is unfair for smaller companies to pay the same amount as more prominent industries.

The cost variability depends on many factors, including the size of your organisation and its complexity. This is because larger organisations would need more time, effort and resources compared to an organisation with a single location, fewer employees and fewer processes.

There is a generalised quotation where a medium-sized company would be charged approximately 14,000 USD to 16,000 USD if they have a single location and less than 1000 employees. However, take this as something other than the total cost of your certification. You need to include different prices that would be needed for conducting internal reviews, allocating newer resources or paying for an external consultant such as ISO 9001 or an ISO 9001 audit consultant.

 If you want to reduce the cost of getting ISO 9001 certification, be sure to read the article on how much does it cost to get ISO 9001 certification. This article has stated attractive solutions and techniques to reduce the cost of obtaining a certificate.


The ISO 9001 certificate is one of the most popular certificates in any industry. It is chosen because it helps organisations improve brand credibility, increase employee productivity, explore ample business opportunities and make better managerial decisions.

The cost of the ISO 9001 certificate varies and depends upon the size and complexity of your organisation. However, on average, a medium-sized organisation can be charged between 14,000 USD to 16,000 USD.

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