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Transpire Announces Certification Programs for 2024

Transpire Will Offer Individual and Group Certifications in the New Year to Better Support Partners and Add Value for Individual Users

  • Transpire will offer certifications for specialties such as Fact Management and Analysis, Transcript Handling, Deposition Management, as well as Live Hearings + Trial Presentation.
  • The certification programs will be delivered in individual class sessions with an exit exam, or as a comprehensive boot camp happening in Q2 2024.

CHICAGO, Ill. – Jan. 02, 2024 – Leading litigation support software provider Transpire announced today it will be offering software proficiency certifications in 2024 to support its growing user base and foster familiarity with the platform in the legal technology space.

The new program enables users to earn proficiencies in specific aspects of the Transpire platform dedicated to fact management and analysis, transcript handling and management, clip building and evidence management, as well as live hearings and trial presentation.

Available to new and existing customers, the program details expanded service delivery commitments, increased sales support and co-branded marketing opportunities for Transpire partners. Transpire also now offers six certifications focusing on administrator and user proficiency to help partners to boost client engagement through unrivaled breadth and depth of expert services.

Leading this initiative is Jen Freeman, SVP and Chief Revenue Officer at Transpire. “We are excited to help Transpire users to develop expertise within various skill sets related to our platform,” said Freeman. “By offering certifications, we deliver additional value to the relationships we hold most dear, creating opportunities for our users and channel partners to attract new clients, more deeply engage existing customers and ultimately drive net-new revenue.”

With regard to Partners, Transpire offers three partnership designations for service providers. Transpire Certified Solutions Partners offer a co-branded Transpire instance supported by a range of post-discovery services to their clients. They maintain the highest levels of Transpire certification and offer time and battle-tested expertise. Transpire Services Specialists are newer to the partner ecosystem, working toward certifications and increasing time spent working in the application. All services partner levels enjoy dedicated service delivery, sales support and co-branded marketing efforts, among other perks. Transpire even has a Brand Ambassador designation for partners who offer adjacent services but do not directly work in the Transpire platform.

Transpire is the only software solution to combine collaborative fact management and analysis, real-time transcription, deposition management and customizable presentation in a single online platform.

Transpire is the only post-discovery litigation support software you will ever need. If you haven’t seen Transpire in action, you can book a demo here.

Have questions about becoming a partner? We can answer them. Email us at [email protected].

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