Press Release

Sleeping Dog Properties Takes Home Top Honor as Best General Contractor

Chris Rapczynski was recently featured in General Contractors Magazine when his company was named one of the best general contracting firms in Cambridge. As the founder and president of construction firm Sleeping Dog Properties (SDP), he’s made a name for himself in an extremely competitive market. In a city that’s bursting with modern and historical structures alike, we look at how he’s managed to carve out more than just a niche.

How Sleeping Dog Properties Got Its Start

Sleeping Dog Properties’ origin story started with Chris Rapczynski flipping condos. Already a well-respected member of the construction community, it wasn’t long before he started Sleeping Dog Properties. From the beginning, Rapczynski established a business model that put people first. This meant treating employees like the assets they are and proving to clients that their business is valued.

What’s helped Rapczynski go from solitary flipper to the president of a rapidly expanding firm? He would chalk it up to consistency and quality. He may not be perfect, but he keeps his promises and he looks out for the people at the heart of the equation. He was also diligent about building up his contacts in the industry. From suppliers to merchants to subcontractors, his network is extensive. Having people to rely on turned out to be immensely helpful when a global pandemic shut down the world for months on end.

Specialties, Projects, Achievements

Sleeping Dog Properties is now a premier choice for general contractors in the Boston area, and the team is already branching out to Cape Cod and the Lake Region in New Hampshire. The team specializes in remodeling (kitchens, bathrooms, home offices), custom homes, and commercial projects. Having completed flagship retail, specialty stores, and unique hospitality structures, Rapczynski has gained more positive notoriety with each successful job. Some of his most famous projects include a high-rise penthouse in the Millennium Tower as well as a 4,000 square foot children’s medical facility.

The team has won awards from numerous organizations, including the Boston Society of Architects (for Access and Design), Houzz, the Small Business Association of New England, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He was featured in The Boston Globe and Interiors magazine. His latest accomplishment was his listing in General Contractors Magazine. Of the 40+ firms in the area, he made the short list. Only eight general contractors were listed and he was proud to be one of them. The contributions of Chris Rapczynski to the landscape of an iconic city like Cambridge are undeniable, but he always appreciates it when formal trade magazines take notice of his work.

Through Good Times and Bad

Surviving in a city like Boston — one that was built several centuries ago — isn’t easy. Most new construction firms only last for a single generation, which is a shame when you consider the amount of ambition that goes into even the smallest operations. Rapczynski is determined to last, and he has the track record to prove it.

When the supply chain was severely disrupted during the pandemic, many firms crumpled under the weight of the pressure. However, Sleeping Dog Properties was helmed by one of the more creative people in the business. Not only did he have people he could call to help complete the project, but he was able to come up with alternative solutions when “Plan A” didn’t work out.

More Than Profits

Chris Rapczynski describes running a business as a perpetual flurry of motion. The change and evolution that’s needed to succeed is often far more demanding than most business owners realize when they first strike out on their own. Luckily for his employees and clients, Rapczynski loves what he does.

He may not always make extreme profits, but he’s far more interested in the quality of his life and of those around him. Looking out for the people who depend on him means taking care of what’s in his control. It may seem like an odd concept, but taking each new challenge one day at a time is exactly what businesses need to succeed in the long run.

The discipline of service offered by Sleeping Dog Properties is truly second to none. From the ground up, he managed to develop a process and business model that was sturdy enough to sustain everything from market shifts to regional expansion.