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Rethink Continuing Legal Education with Lawline’s AI-Powered ‘Learning Assistant’

New York, NY, October 3rd, 2023 

Key Highlights

  • Lawline launches its Learning Assistant, the first AI-powered Continuing Legal Education (CLE) tool.
  • Users can ask legal questions, receive instant answers, and deepen their understanding of complex legal topics.
  • Trustworthy content sourced exclusively from vetted, practicing attorneys sets Lawline’s offering apart.
  • The Learning Assistant is now live and available for all Lawline users, as well as with a no-risk free trial.

Taking a significant stride toward revolutionizing legal education, Lawline, a leading provider of continuing education for attorneys, today announced the launch of its innovative “Learning Assistant.” This AI-driven tool is poised to transform the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) experience for lawyers and legal professionals worldwide.

The Learning Assistant seamlessly taps into a vast repository of over 1,900 CLE course transcripts, and can instantaneously provide information in response to requests. In the catalog, users can pose any legal question to the assistant or use it to find a specific CLE course. Within the course center, the assistant can be employed to deepen understanding of any legal topic.

Lawline’s CEO, David Schnurman, shared the vision behind this transformative tool, stating, “The Learning Assistant reinforces Lawline’s commitment to not only serve the legal community but also to empower and evolve alongside it. By integrating the latest AI technology, we’re reshaping how legal professionals engage with CLE”.

The benefits of Lawline’s Learning Assistant extend beyond trailblazing technology. At the heart of this new offering is the trustworthiness of its content. The tool provides insights exclusively sourced from courses taught by vetted, practicing attorneys at the forefront of their fields. This unwavering commitment to quality distinguishes the Learning Assistant, making it not just innovative but genuinely transformative.

The Learning Assistant is now live and available to all Lawline users. Those eager to explore its capabilities and experience firsthand its impact on legal learning are encouraged to visit Lawline’s website and start a free trial.

About Lawline:
Pioneering the future of CLE, Lawline has consistently been at the forefront of legal professional development, boasting a remarkable milestone of 6 million CLE credits completed and serving 170,000 legal professionals. With unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, Lawline persists in leading initiatives that enrich and elevate the learning journey for legal professionals worldwide.

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