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Bespoke Capital Consulting Announces First Investment

Bespoke Capital Consulting has announced the deployment of its first investment. Bespoke provides equity investments to contingent fee law firms looking to grow their business, partnering investment funds with ongoing consultative guidance from its highly qualified and experienced management team.

Bespoke’s mission, as explained by CEO Crystal Utley, “is to increase access to the justice system for underserved injured parties, and we are thrilled to invest in a law firm that embodies the spirit of Bespoke. To be able to provide capital and guidance as this firm continues its mission of representing the underrepresented is quite fulfilling.”

Bespoke is the first of its kind to take a consultative approach to deploying capital in the legal field. With more than 60 years of collective industry knowledge, Bespoke’s management team leverages their expertise to provide a wide spectrum of consulting services including operational best practices, financial core competencies, and business development. Utley reports, “Contingent fee plaintiff law firms often lack access to strategic resources. As a result, these businesses face challenges, and present opportunities distinct from other industries and asset classes. Our goal is to apply quality competencies that not only drive value creation, but ultimately improve outcomes for those who are injured.”

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