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Yoga Mat 6mm – Remarkable Amazon Argos Mat For Yoga 2021


Yoga Mat 6mm” want to buy a beautiful  yoga mat argos? Get yoga mat amazon now – A yoga mat should be comfortable and supportive, provide sufficient grip to keep you from slipping, and be no-fuss enough to clean and carry (whether from home to the park or back to in-person classes at your beloved gym or studio). Our hatha and hot-yoga instructors Downward-Dogged, Ashtanga vinyasa-flowed, and Savasanaed on 38 of the best yoga mats (and one mat alternative), and the one that came out on top is Lululemon’s The Reversible Mat 5mm. Its dual-textured sides, firm-yet-cushiony rubber construction, and ample size will have you covered, no matter what style of yoga you practice.

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You don’t need to invest a lot to get started with yoga: Our budget pick (for six years running) costs well under half what our other picks do and has held up surprisingly well in long-term testing. We have recommendations for all-rubber and non-rubber, latex-free mats, too. Our travel mat pick folds to fit neatly in a suitcase.

Lululemon’s The Reversible Mat 5mm scored high marks on all nine attributes our professional testers rated, including stickiness, weight, thickness, durability, and overall feel. Lululemon’s mat has two sides: a smooth, “sticky” polyurethane side that makes your hands and feet adhere to the mat, and a spongy, natural rubber “grippy” side that instead provides traction via a textured surface. This lets you dial in how much traction you need, whether you are doing hot yoga or restorative yoga, or are just someone who might sweat a lot. The 5-millimeter-thick natural rubber is supportive, so sensitive knees and elbows won’t sink through to the floor. It’s slightly oversize—3 inches longer and 2 inches wider than a standard mat—which gives you some breathing room but doesn’t take up tons of space in a cramped class or smaller room. If you need even more real estate, the Reversible (Big) Mat is literally the size of a door. These mats are on the heavy side, and the surface tends to show dust, dirt, and smudges that are hard to clean.

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The JadeYoga Harmony Mat is made from 100% rubber, and this offers some advantages, because it absorbs a lot of moisture and helps maintain traction in sweaty situations—possibly too much for some people, as it can be hard to pivot your feet or slide your hands when flowing from one pose to another. It’s slightly thinner than our top pick at 3/16 inch (4¾ millimeters) thick, but it still provides a spongy-yet-supportive feel under hand, foot, and knee. It comes in four sizes, including the XW (extra-wide) line, but know that the bigger size you choose, the heavier it gets—and rubber isn’t light to start with. This mat has a strong rubber smell, at least for a while, which not everyone loves, and rubber also contains latex. If you have a latex allergy, try our rubber-free recommendation below.

If you have an allergy to latex or dislike the smell of rubber, consider the 5-millimeter-thick Gaiam Performance Dry-Grip Yoga Mat. It is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and has ample cushioning and firm support that pleased our joints and grounded our standing poses. The smooth top layer, meant to wick away moisture, kept our hands and feet locked in place while allowing freedom for transitions during a flow. The mat is relatively light at 4¼ pounds, roughly a pound lighter than our top pick—a consideration if you carry your mat often.

Not everyone wants to get all spendy for their yoga habit. Still, it’s prudent to have your own mat (rather than use a potentially germy one at the studio or gym), which is where a PVC foam cheapie is appealing. In a world where these foam mats are a dime a dozen, YogaAccessories has produced a low-cost option of value. Its PVC foam is a lofty ¼-inch (6.2 millimeters) thick, plus the mat is generously cut, extending 4 inches longer than the standard size, and available in 30 vivid colors.

The thin, lightweight JadeYoga Voyager is the only travel mat we tested that folded compactly for packing, provided excellent traction during practice, and didn’t slip or shift on the floor. We found the traction of this mat to be as good as that offered by our rubber runner-up pick, also made by JadeYoga. This mat does have less cushioning than our other picks. But if you prefer a plusher feel, our yoga instructor testers found that the Voyager stayed as secure when used on carpet or atop another mat as it did on the floor.

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Why you should trust us?

We recruited two accomplished NYC-based yoga instructors, hatha/vinyasa specialist Juan Pablo Gomez and hot-yoga practitioner Arden Goll, to practice on and carefully evaluate yoga mats for the 2016 rewrite of this guide.

To drill down on the trends and learn more about what hardcore yogis want in a mat, we interviewed Ashton August, founder of YogiApproved.com, a website that provides advice and reviews yoga products.

To better understand environmental claims made by mat makers, we talked to Michael S. Brown, PhD, of Brown and Wilmanns Environmental, a consulting firm that specializes in advising product manufacturers on how to make their products and practices more sustainable, as well as William Carroll, PhD, an adjunct professor of chemistry at Indiana University. For an update to this guide, we again checked in with Brown and Wilmanns Environmental, talking with co-founder Eric Wilmanns.

We also talked to Charles Gerba, PhD, a professor of microbiology and environmental sciences at the University of Arizona, and interviewed Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Beverly Hills and clinical instructor at the University of Southern California, to learn if a dirty yoga mat could make you sick.

Amy Roberts is a certified personal trainer and long-time amateur yogi with extremely discerning tastes when it comes to yoga mats, and nearly everything she buys. She has reviewed all manner of fitness products for Wirecutter, including running shoes, resistance bands, foam rollers, and pull-up bars.

Wirecutter senior staff writer Ingrid Skjong is a certified personal trainer and off-and-on yoga enthusiast. She has taken numerous yoga classes (including prenatal yoga) and knows when a yoga mat feels right and performs well. She has delved into other fitness-related reviews, for treadmills, connected indoor-cycling bikes, and GPS running watches.

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Who this is for?

Though yoga has been practiced in the US for centuries, the number of practitioners in the country grew by more than 50% from 2012 to 2016, according to a Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance survey. People are spending more than $16 billion on clothing and accessories to outfit them for all that flowing. And as a result of the pandemic, interest in online yoga classes (and virtual fitness classes in general) has skyrocketed. Our goal is to help you be confident that you’re getting your money’s worth out of the mat you choose, whether you’re a newbie or a serious yogi—and no matter where you choose to practice.

To narrow the enormous field (seriously: searching “yoga mats” on Amazon yields more than 2,000 results), we spent hours reading editorial reviews in publications such as Yoga Journal, Outside magazine, Gear Patrol, and Refinery 29, as well as consumer reviews on Amazon and other sites. We also talked to the big-name manufacturers to learn what was new in their lines and to the founder of YogiApproved.com, to get a sense of both trendy and tried-and-true in yoga mat designs. We not only chose to test mats that people had reviewed well, we also aimed to find a wide variety of options in price, size, and material. We also looked at our previous yoga mat reviews to determine which products merited a second look.

Next, our intrepid yoga instructors set out to practice on each mat, evaluating overall experience while carefully weighing each of the following nine attributes:


size (rolled and unrolled)

portability and weight (for carrying to and from class)

stickiness (with dry versus sweaty hands and feet)

thickness, squishiness, and support (adequate, too much, or too little?)

surface texture and feel (on your skin and under hand and foot)

ease of unrolling (and staying flat)


odor (if one exists or goes away)


In the meantime, we talked to environmental expert Brown to better understand the eco and materials claims made by the manufacturers, and germ expert Gerba and dermatologist Shainhouse to find out how important it is to keep your mat clean. (It’s pretty important.)

Finally, after our pro yogis turned in their extensive notes, we practiced on each of the top picks to get a personal feel for what attributes made each mat worthy of our recommendation.

For a 2020 update to this review, completed during the coronavirus pandemic, we weren’t able to farm out testing to pros or tote our mats to in-person yoga classes in studios. We shifted to an at-home practice, taking a variety of online classes on each mat and taking into account the full slate of criteria listed above. We even turned off the air-conditioning or spritzed our hands and feet with water to approximate ultra-sweaty conditions.

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