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Yéyo Tequila Takes Home Silver at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Apr 30, 2020 9:00 AM ET
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iCrowd Newswire – Apr 30, 2020

Judged amongst 100+ other fine tequilas, Yéyo achieved a silver medal at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC). Honored in the ‘Silver/Gold (unaged) Tequila class, Yéyo and the Koena Bev Company are proud that their exceptional spirit is receiving international recognition. These awards honor the care and expertise that the third generation tequila makers put into the crafting of Yéyo.

SFWSC is the United State’s largest international spirits competition. Blind judging is done by a panel of prestigious judges with distinct and trusted palates. The SFWSC has two decades of experience, becoming one of the world’s most respected competitions.

“We are thrilled for Yéyo to receive this honor, which reinforces the careful work we do to make the best tequila possible”  said Yéyo founder Jon Bullinger who has invested many years of trial and error into the crafting of his silver tequila. “Organic estate farming, slow brick oven cooking, classical music fermenting all take increased time and effort — but it’s all worth it to serve up a spirit we can be proud of”

Yéyo has future plans to launch new varieties of tequila, including Anejo and Extra Anejo which it will continue to enter into competition for international reviews.

About San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Founded in 2000, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition is one of the oldest and most reputable competitions of its kind. Every year, esteemed judges from around the world come together to engage in the blind tasting process that ensures every entry is judged fairly. The judges of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition are seasoned experts of their industry, each with a well defined story and trusted palates.

About Koena Bev Company
Founded in 2018 Koena Bev was born from a passion for discovery, and the need to create. Traversing the Highlands of Arandas, Jalisco, our founder Jon Bullinger came upon a family run farm harvesting impeccable blue agave from their red clay soil and knew his journey would begin there.  Hundreds of tequilas were crafted, tested, tasted, and scored. What followed was a committed march toward perfection in flavor, and the elusive balance of pepper, sweet, and spice. Yéyo is an intense dedication to trial, refinement, and ultimate drinkability – all in an effort to create tequila, as intended.

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