Workplace Drug Testing Expert Andrew Easler Includes New Oral Fluid Guidelines in 2020 Version of Federal Regulations Guidebook

Workplace drug testing industry expert Andrew David Easler has published the second edition of the following textbooks:

Sometimes referred to simply as “the yellow book”, A Guide to Federal Regulations on Drug & Alcohol Testing has been incorporated into training programs for service agents and employers who work with or employ safety-sensitive employees subject to federal drug and alcohol testing regulations. The recently released 2020 version now includes the long-anticipated and recently published Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs-Oral/Fluid (OFMG), a set of regulations that now allows federal agencies to adopt oral fluid drug tests into their testing programs.

The books are designed to be used during training and consulted periodically thereafter as an easily accessible reference. The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that laboratories, employers, and their service agents including Medical Review Officers (MROs), Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Collectors, Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs), Alcohol Screening Test Technicians (STTs), and Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about the relevant federal drug and alcohol testing regulations. These texts help these professionals to comply with this mandate.

“As a medical review officer, I was amazed at what I learned from Mr. Easler pro tips, is destined to make the drug and alcohol testing industry better with his publications.” – Dr. Stephen MacDonald, DO, MPH, MBA

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Andrew David Easler combines experience in business and education with expertise in federal and state drug and alcohol testing laws to offer a wide variety of quality courses and services through his company, Easler Education Inc.

Andrew specializes in educational technology integration and inter-curricular relationship recognition and utilization. His experience in the drug and alcohol testing industry coupled with his skill in education has provided a unique opportunity to fulfill several roles including as a subject matter expert, an instructional designer, expert witness, and an instructor.

About is the drug and alcohol testing training and research arm of Easler Education, an organization offering unique career and continuing education training for adults. offers online and in-person training in a wide array of drug and alcohol testing-related knowledge-bases ranging from federal and state protocols to Designated Employer Representative (DER) training. In addition, utilizes its expertise to provide legal research and expert witness services.

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