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Williston Force Portable AC Reviews – Mini Cooler for hot summers

What is Williston Force Portable AC?

The Williston Force Portable AC is an air cooler. It is designed to cool the air around you, thus refreshing you on hot days. As a portable air cooler, the Williston Force Portable AC can be taken almost anywhere – it is easily recharged in between with a micro USB power cable. At the same time, the Williston Force Portable AC creates a pleasant atmosphere, especially on balmy summer evenings, as its LED lighting glows in fascinating colors. Thanks to three different fan speeds, you can cool and freshen the air around you according to your wishes and, according to the provider, completely silently.

To use the Williston Force Portable AC, you need to follow the instruction manual. It gives you five simple steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Pour water into the water tank provided.
  • Step 2: Soak the water module in water, and then put it into the cooling mode.
  • Step 3: Connect the device with the micro USB cable.
  • Step 4: Turn on the device.
  • Step 5: Adjust fan level according to your need.

Why do I need this air cooler?

Summers in Germany have been getting hotter and hotter for years, which makes them more and more uncomfortable for many people. Especially for you, the air cooler is particularly suitable. Because despite the high temperatures, many people continue to be forced to go to work, sit for hours in the office or work on the construction site or in the workshop. Students also have to continue to go to school outside the vacations, and people in attic apartments can no longer escape the high temperatures even by opening windows. The air cooler is supposed to completely eliminate the problems that high temperatures bring with them and provide more quality of life and relaxation, especially in summer. According to the supplier, it is not only suitable for people who are familiar with electronics, but also for people who are less tech-savvy, as the Williston Force Portable AC is very easy to use. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.) Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

Williston Force Portable AC review and recommendation

An air cooler is always a good idea in the summer – at least when the high temperatures quickly go to your head. The Williston Force Portable AC can be a very interesting solution. According to the supplier, it is an efficient air cooler. It is cooled by water, which simply has to be poured into the top of the Williston Force Portable AC. The further operation of the Williston Force Portable AC is similarly uncomplicated. As soon as the air cooler has been switched on, it provides a pleasant mood with a light LED illumination, as the supplier puts it. However, the water module, which is necessary for the application, must be replaced every six to eight months. Thus, one module is good enough not only for one summer, but also for the preceding spring and the following autumn. Depending on your needs, the Williston Force Portable AC can be set to three different fan speeds – depending on how hot you are and how quickly you need cooling from the air cooler. Overall, we think the Williston Force Portable AC is an exciting product that can make you feel much more comfortable in the high temperatures of summer. The reviews from users also speak in favor of it. However, you have to keep in mind that the water modules, as already mentioned, are not used continuously, but have to be replaced after six to eight months.

Williston Force Portable AC technical facts

  • efficient air freshening and air cooling
  • cooling with water
  • LED lighting for pleasant atmosphere
  • water modules can be stored for 6 to 8 months
  • 3 fan speeds
  • noiseless
  • easy to use
  • power source: micro USB cable

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What are the Williston Force Portable AC quality features?

The provider does not name any concrete quality features for the Williston Force Portable AC. However, a 30-day warranty is given. This means that you can return the air cooler within 30 days of the arrival of your order. However, pay attention to the provider’s return policy. Furthermore, the provider seems to put a lot of emphasis on the security of its customers’ data. Thus, the check-out is secured with an AES-256 SSL encryption. This should prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing your data when you send it to the provider. The encryption is secured by Norton by Symantec and VeriSign.

General Williston Force Portable AC reviews

On the website of the supplier of Williston Force Portable AC, some customers have their say who have already tested the air cooler. The reviews turn out to be positive to a very large extent. Most users award five out of five stars. In reviews, they also report their experiences with the Williston Force Portable AC. They state that the Williston Force Portable AC would be delivered quickly and provide cool indoor air in the office and home. The device is used not only in the summer, but also in the office, where the waste heat from computers and notebooks greatly increases the temperatures in the room. In addition to the function of the device, its size is also rated positively. The Williston Force Portable AC is said to take up very little space, which is a big advantage especially on the desk. The airflow is not only supposed to be cool, but also feel clean. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Where can I order Williston Force Portable AC?

The Williston Force Portable AC is currently only sold on the official supplier’s website. This means that you can only place an order for the air cooler here. To do so, go to the supplier’s order page. First, you will find out which payment methods you can use to pay for your order – more about that later. Then you can choose how many Williston Force Portable ACs you want to buy. If you not only want to test the device, but also use it in several places, for example, in the bedroom, living room and office, or if you want to give a gift to friends or family members, you can of course buy several Williston Force Portable ACs.

You will get a discount on your air cooler with every order. How much the discount is depends on how many air coolers you buy:

  • 1 device: 35 percent discount
  • 2 devices: 35 percent discount
  • 3 devices: 51 percent discount
  • 4 devices: 55 percent discount

Once you have selected how many Williston Force Portable AC you would like to purchase, the total price to pay will be displayed below the selection. In addition to the price of the air cooler, you will also need to factor in the cost of shipping.

The second step is the payment. Here you can choose your preferred payment method:

  1. Immediate bank transfer
  2. Credit card payment
  3. PayPal

Regardless of the payment method, you must then enter your personal data and the delivery and billing address. In the following, you will also have to provide the corresponding information about your selected payment option. You can then order the desired number of Williston Force Portable ACs.

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Who is the provider of the product?

Quality Performance Limited

377 Valley Rd #1123

Clifton NJ 07013


E-mail: [email protected]

General information on the subject of air coolers

Everyone is talking about climate change – no one is talking about the summer heat. This is also increasing from year to year and even in our latitudes there are new temperature records in summer every year. Such peak temperatures are not only very difficult to endure, but can also have massively negative health consequences for more sensitive people, as high temperatures put a massive strain on our circulatory system.

One thing is certain: in some cases, we simply need cooling in order not to feel extremely uncomfortable or put ourselves in health danger. This is true not only in the house or at work, but also when sleeping. Too much heat in the sleeping quarters makes restful sleep almost impossible – and the resulting lack of sleep then means additional, massive stress for our bodies after a few days and reduces our performance even further. Air coolers are a quick and easy way to create more comfortable and bearable temperatures around you. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

How to lower air temperatures?

Air conditioning, which is practically ubiquitous in the U.S. (especially in the South), is hardly common in our country. There are good reasons for this: Not only are the purchase and installation costs enormous for conventional, permanently installed air conditioners, but so is the electricity consumption. The electricity bill at the end of a year with a very hot summer is likely to deal a heavy blow.

Mobile air conditioners are somewhat cheaper to buy – but their consumption is not significant. For this reason, people usually only use them when it really becomes unbearable. Most of the time, they remain switched off for reasons of economy.

The fans that are very common in our country, on the other hand, only circulate the air – that is, they exchange hot air for fresh hot air on a hot summer day. The air flow generated by the rotation does feel a little bit like a gentle breeze – but it usually doesn’t bring very much relief.

Particularly thrifty people put their feet in a bucket of ice-cold water or hang a wet towel around their shoulders. Aside from the fact that you’re unlikely to be able to do this at your workplace, and you’ll probably have to do without it while sleeping, these methods cool your body, but not the air around you. While cooling the body can at least prevent health problems, it unfortunately doesn’t help you feel more comfortable in the heat.

What are the advantages of air coolers

The advantages of an air cooler, often called an air cooler, can be summed up quite simply:

  1. you can put them anywhere and take them with you everywhere
  2. they are small, quiet and inconspicuous
  3. their purchase costs are even significantly lower than those of mobile air conditioners
  4. their power consumption is very low
  5. they actually produce COLD AIR that flows around you from the unit as long as the unit is running
  6. they are very simply built and therefore very durable
  7. they do not contain a power-hungry and noisy compressor or ecologically harmful refrigerants

Put all these advantages together, and air coolers beat every classic air conditioner and split air conditioner hands down in terms of cost, performance, handling and durability.

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How do air coolers work?

The principle by which air coolers work is called “evaporative cooling”. By the way, it is the same principle by which the wet towel you wear around your neck cools the shoulders underneath (but only the shoulders).

When cold water evaporates, it takes heat with it. An air cooler enriches the warm air flowing through it with moisture, which consumes energy during evaporation (i.e., during the transition to the gaseous state). This energy is gained by extracting heat (energy) from the air flowing through it. What comes out at the other end is an air stream that is actually and measurably cooler than the air that was previously drawn in.

The air cooler is thus a simple fan, which, however, not only circulates the air, but first cools it and then releases it into the room. The Aircooler thus does what other devices only promise: It actually produces pleasantly cool air that flows around you. Exactly as you would actually expect.

And it does so quietly, with low energy consumption and in a very compact design – and with a very simple construction that ensures that an air cooler can hardly ever break. It is therefore the only “real” solution to the heat problem in summer. And the best solution.

Known FAQ about this product

  • Q: How noisy is the Williston Force Portable AC?
  • A: According to the supplier, the air cooler is silent. It can be assumed that the device is not completely silent for cooling the air in the room. A small amount of noise may be produced by the air cooler in some circumstances.
  • Q: How often is maintenance or cleaning of the Williston Force Portable AC necessary?
  • A: The exterior of the unit can be wiped down repeatedly with a damp, soft cloth. To keep the air cooler looking like new, a weekly cleaning of the exterior is a good idea. To ensure that the performance of the unit does not suffer, the water module should be replaced every six to eight months. To do this, remove the module from the Williston Force Portable AC and insert a new one.
  • Q: What should I do if I don’t want to use the air cooler for a long time?
  • A: If you will not be using the Williston Force Portable AC over the winter, you should first open the plug, drain the water, and then remove the water module and carefully blow dry it. You should then store the air cooler and module in a safe place until it gets warmer again.
  • Q: How is the air cooler powered?
  • A: Power is supplied via a micro USB power cable. This can be easily connected to a laptop or desktop PC.
  • Q: Can I also buy Williston Force Portable AC in stores?
  • A: So far, the air cooler is only available online.
  • Q: What is the maximum number of people a Williston Force Portable AC is suitable for?
  • A: The air cooler is relatively small and therefore only suitable for cooling one person. If you are sitting on the couch in the living room with your partner, one unit may be enough. However, the air cooler is not a large air conditioner that can cool entire rooms.
  • Q: Where should I place the Williston Force AC?
  • A: It is important that the air cooler is placed on a flat surface from which it cannot fall.

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