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Why most CBD doesn’t work

Jun 16, 2020 3:25 PM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Jun 16, 2020

CBD products have gained a lot notoriety recently, however most people often find that CBD products fail to produce the desired results since ingested or inhaled CBD has a difficult time finding its way into the bloodstream. Our stomachs and lungs do a great job keeping chemicals from reaching our bloodstream and most tincture users end up swallowing most of the product meant for absorption under the tongue.

People suffering from ailments like anxiety, chronic pain or sleeplessness fail to get the full benefits of CBD because most of the beneficial elements are wasted in the stomach or blocked in the lungs.

World Canna Health, a national cannabinoid education and consulting company has introduced what it believes is the most effective way to dose CBD and get the full benefits directly into your bloodstream for maximum effect.

Transdermal patches  discreetly applied anywhere on your skin efficiently time-releases CBD right into your bloodstream over a 36-hour period. After which the patch can easily be removed and discarded and a new one applied. No waste, no complicated dosing calculations.

These transdermal patches are available through a limited number of retailers around the country, but for a short time, World Canna Health is making the patches available directly to consumers who need it most.

Consumers can visit

Business owners interested in applying for distribution are encouraged to contact World Canna Health directly from their website at

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