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Why Gargling Salt Water Is Important for More Than Just Oral Health

You may have had the experience of your child’s medical provider recommending a salt water rinse after a dental procedure or to help with recovery from the painful sting of a canker sore. But, did you know that gargling with a child-friendly Pedia Gargle salt rinse can benefit your child’s health beyond just oral cavity care?

Here’s what you need to know about the health benefits of salt water rinses when it comes to children.

The Basic Properties of Salt Rinse

Humans have used salt water in wellness capacities for millennia. The beauty of a salt water rinse is in its simplicity. A simple salt water solution has antibacterial properties, meaning it can kill bacteria and effectively keep infection at bay. When a child gargles with a salt-based solution, the solution’s salty concentration draws water out of the cells of small microorganisms that may be in the mouth, destroying them in the process. That’s why salt rinses can be helpful for conditions involving the teeth and gums.

How Salt Rinse Benefits Transcend the Oral Cavity

Beyond just the teeth and oral cavity, salt rinses such as Pedia Gargle can help children tremendously when it comes to upper respiratory infections, otherwise known as the common cold. Unfortunately, children are enormously susceptible to this type of infection, with some experts noting that children generally catch six to eight colds per year.

A specially-formulated salt rinse can help when it comes to the common cold in three ways.

1. Salt water gargling may help prevent colds from happening in the first place

A randomized clinical trial that examined the practice of salt water gargling found that it can lower the likelihood that a person will catch a cold, and—even if they do—it can reduce the severity of any symptoms.

2. Salt water gargling can reduce the intensity of the common cold

Other researchers have found that a combination of gargling with salt water and doing a saline nasal irrigation can help reduce the length of time that a person is sick with the common cold, reduce the use of over-the-counter medications (which can be particularly ideal when it comes to children), and reduce the number of family members who also get sick.

3. Salt water gargling can improve common cold symptoms

When a child does get an upper respiratory tract infection, gargling with salt water can help ease symptoms. Experts note that a gentle salt water gargle can lessen throat inflammation, helping alleviate throat scratchiness, dryness, and irritation.

Pedia Gargle Is a Safe Option for Kids

Children are particularly sensitive to strong odors and flavors, which is why a salt water rinse that is formulated with their palate in mind is crucial. Pedia Gargle has a lower salt concentration than our adult formula, making it easier for kids to tolerate. Additionally, unlike other products that are purported to help with upper respiratory symptoms, it does not contain alcohol or other chemicals that could be harmful if a small amount is accidentally swallowed.

How to Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about the health benefits of salter water gargles, particularly when it comes to children and the common cold.

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