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Where can you find the best daily crossword puzzles?

Playing crossword puzzles regularly helps your one muscle in particular, and that is our brain. Many people have observed and realized that crosswords make one smarter and can even help live longer. Even though science believes that crosswords are healthy for the brain, a study has shown that “Participation in cognitively stimulating leisure activities like crossword puzzles helps in delaying the onset of the memory decline.”

Some beneficial effects of playing daily puzzle are-

  • It sharpens the brain
  • It improves the memory
  • It slows down the decline associated with dementia

Popular Websites to Try for Crossword Puzzle Online

If you are someone who likes playing crosswords, here are some few websites you can find the best crossword puzzles, including the daily puzzle by crossword 911 online.

Crossword 911 Online

If you want to challenge the mind and improve your skills, you must try a huge collection of supreme quality crossword puzzles available at crossword 911 online. Key features of daily puzzle by crossword 911 online are-

  • The website updates its crossword puzzles daily and hence, you will get a chance to try a unique puzzle every day.
  • The website has two different versions i.e. Free Version and Premium Version. If you choose the Free Version, you get instant access to a wide range of crossword puzzles in no time. In contrast, if you want to win special gifts daily, you have to update or register to Premium Account.
  • If you have skills and knowledge to solve the daily crossword puzzle in the fastest possible period, you will expect to obtain guaranteed gifts provided you are premium users.
  • The website lets you to experience both quick and cryptic crossword clues so that you get immediate solutions to the puzzle.
  • Other than daily puzzle by crossword 911, you get answers to the puzzles of renowned papers and magazines by using a crossword solver.

New York Magazine Sunday Night Crossword

The bright side is you do not have to get a subscription to New York Magazine for trying its weekly puzzle. You can solve all the puzzles online at their website, or you can also spend your Sunday nights solving the puzzles whenever a new one is released.

The Washington Post Daily Crossword

The Washington Post daily crossword, and if you like challenges on a regular basis then you can go for it. They also offer their daily crosswords online for free. To solve the puzzle you can either print out the puzzle if you prefer to play the old fashioned way using a pen and paper or you can play digitally, with the website’s puzzle timer running in the background.

USA Today Crossword Puzzles

The free crosswords offered by the USA today, gives players the option of choosing a “beginner” level or “expert” level puzzle.  The good thing is their crosswords are also available on their app for both iOS and android users. You can play the game on app for 7 days with a free trial and then you need to take a subscription.

The Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

The LA Times is a well-known newspaper, and it also publishes a daily crossword puzzle, which comes free online. If you want, you can also access The LA Times puzzle archives free, which gives you the option to pick from daily puzzles or previous puzzles. Crosswords

If you want to access this website, you might need to turn off your ad blocker. They publish daily crossword puzzles that are free of charge. You can also pick from plenty of other word games available on their sites.

AARP Crossword

This daily crossword puzzle is free, and some fun benefits come along with making a free account. If you have an account, you can keep a track of your progress, as the website will store your information and scores. If anyone wants to improve the crossword game or stays competitive with others, you can use AARP crossword.

Arkadium Themed Crosswords

Arkadium is an online source for every type of game. One can get every type of game they are looking for, from educational games to strategy puzzles, this website gives you a lot of brain-exercising opportunities.

Spellbound by Lovatts Crosswords & Puzzles

These crosswords are kid friendly and can be easily played on smart devices.

This website also offers a variety of other games like word searches, suduko, and quadra.

Free Daily Crossword From has been upgraded to offer crosswords as well apart from defining meaning of the words. The free crosswords here can help you widen your vocabulary, improve language skills, and even provide trivia about the history of word games.

Universal Daily Crossword by Merriam-Webster

Merriam Webster provides you a universal daily crossword.  This website will also give you a word of the day and a synonym to help you brush up on your SAT-level vocabulary, every time you play a crossword.

The website of features interactive crosswords, themed crosswords and several other appealing crossword puzzles. It also offers a tournament of monthly crossword puzzle. Here, expert-level players can try their luck in plenty of word games of their choice.

Tips to Play and Win Crossword Puzzles

Playing daily puzzle by crossword 911 or via any other crossword puzzle website is easy. You only have to start selecting your favorite puzzle or group of puzzles for a few crossword heads. Later, you have to select the crossword you often enjoy.

As mentioned before, a few crossword puzzles update daily while others display weekly. Once you select a specific one, you have to start filling it. For this, you have read the instructions and the clues. Once you are done, you have to type different answers in the puzzle. Depending on your choice, you may visit the menu for customizing your preferences. For instance, you may skip already filled boxes while typing any new answer. Besides, you may reveal your answers for the complete crossword puzzle, letters and single words.

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