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What Makes A Coupon Successful?

You must be pretty happy saving some hard-earned money on groceries, healthcare, or other items with the help of coupons last time you went shopping. However, have you ever paused to study the coupon? You may find the following prominent features on it.

Expiry Date

All coupons must contain an expiry date. The marketing technique that involves coupons ends before a specific date. The feature motivates the customers to use the coupon before it expires and becomes entirely useless. Because of the nature of the coupons, customers are more likely to savor them until it becomes essential to use the coupons.

However, as a responsible customer, you must read the expiration date. Customers who miss curves or misprinted figures lose out on money saved. It is further embarrassing when you present the coupon at the counter, and the cashier tells you the coupon has expired.


Coupons come with attractive designs to capture the eyes of the customers. Dull black and white coupons are most likely to be perceived as a public service message, and customers will graze over them.

Businesses are advised to at least use one image to separate it from boring advertising. The image can be a logo or a bold version of a feature present in the coupon.

Customers will always respond actively to images. Advertising has become a game of seconds and chances. No wonder Macy’s Coupon is designed with vibrant colors. The letters and discount features are mentioned in bold letters to display the service clearer.


It’s very easy to dominate the coupons with images. Remember, the text is most helpful. Yes, bold and colorful imagery will attract customers, but it is useless to portray wrong or misleading information. The more honest the coupon is, the better it is for your business. Customers appreciate direct communication.

Choosing the correct font also matters. However, it is more dependent on the targeted customer. Assuming your customers are on the farther spectrum of age, you may want to go with bold and clear lettering. If they are primarily men, you may want to stay away from reds, yellows, and greens in the text.

Competitor Analysis

It will help if a business stays a competitor’s coupon to gain insight into the coupon world. Businesses worldwide study their competitors when they see a company is doing better. Suppose you are on friendly terms with the competitors. In that case, you may also suggest accepting each other’s coupons to boost sales and promote business simultaneously.

Grocery stores are perhaps the most valuable places for coupons. Most stores offer double coupons, which mean twice discounted face value. Beauty or cosmetics stores also adopt the same strategy where consumers can buy two products for one price.

Coupon Success Tips

You do not need to overpower the coupons with too much information. It would help to identify what works for your business. You can use barcodes to track the payments, match its colors, and create borders. Hopefully, the customers appreciate the effort you put into them.

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