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What Is Comedy Bingo And How It Is Raising Funds For Charity

what is comedy bingo and how it is raising funds for charity

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 12, 2021  5:49 AM ET

People enjoy playing bingo for centuries. Besides the thrill that this game of chance brings, it was also a social event where players can interact and make connections with others who share their interests. But that has been put on hold due to misfortunate events that have paralyzed the world. Lovers of the game had to turn to the virtual options, which led to the great increase of online bingo popularity.

But the bingo and land-based gambling were just a drop in a sea of industries hit hard by the lockdowns and social distancing. Tourism and hospitality branches were brought to their knees, while the charities are gasping as well.

On the other hand
… online businesses and iGaming are booming. Playing bingo at online venues has piqued, so an interesting idea was formed.

How to turn one of the favorite games of chance into the mean of raising funds for charity?

The answer was to create a unique mix of bingo and comedy. It all started with one charitable organization from Kent and Sussex by the name Martha Trust who came up with this winning combo. And that’s how Comedy Bingo was born.

What Is Comedy Bingo?

Just like other charities
… Martha Trust relies on fundraisings, volunteers and donations. All that was significantly decreased due to unfortunate events in 2020. As the struggle continues, this organization had to become quite resourceful in collecting funds for its operations. One of the brilliant ideas included Comedy Bingo.

In collaboration with BigComedy, an exciting virtual bingo event enriched with stand-up comedy was created. Its main purpose – raising funds for charity  via a unique mix of bingo and jokes.

Completely online, all you need to participate is access to Zoom and a fee of just £10 for adults. Children can also participate, for free, as long as they are in the company of the adult. For corporate clients, a fixed charity rate of £200 and £250 is offered.

A host for three-months of virtual bingo events comedy is Brendan Riley. Spend an evening full of fun, thrills, and prize spills while you’re helping a good cause.

Virtual bingo comedy nights via Zoom are scheduled at 7 PM on:

  • January 30th
  • February 27th
  • March 27th

By the words of Fundraising & Events Officer, Kerry Banks BEM…
… FUN is the first three letters of Fundraising. With an international comedian like Brendon Riley and his hilarious puns, the fun is guaranteed.

Add to that the thrill of playing bingo and the fact you’ll be helping others. Secure your place by filling out the event registration form.

Requirements For Participation In Video Comedy Bingo EventsAs veteran gamblers will advise you – always read the fine print. Before engaging in any online casino, game or event, make sure to browse the T&C section carefully.

In this case
… bingo event will be held remotely via Zoom online meeting platform. A room on Zoom has up to 48 screens, but you can have multiple players per screen.

Comedy Bingo will facilitate the online session, run the agreed number of bingo games. It will provide outline instructions and an appropriate number of uniquely identified bingo cards via email to the lead player from each household or screen.

 Before the event take place
… each lead player must have a valid email address and a working printer in order to receive and print bingo cards. Also, it is the responsibility of participants to ensure they have the appropriate equipment to provide a video and audio link, and a stable connection for the duration of the game session.

A stable internet connection is crucial…
… as a game session is impossible to stop if the player losses connection during the game and Comedy Bingo doesn’t provide a guarantee that players can reconnect to the meeting once a connection has been lost.

Will my information stay secured? 

To receive bingo cards and instructions, an email contact address for each lead player is required. At the conclusion of the game or series of games, according to the Comedy Bingo statement, these contact emails will be deleted from its contact list.

Invitations to take part in the meeting are sent to individual lead players by email – either by the brand directly or by an automated message from Zoom.

The Mission Of Martha Trust Charity Organization

 The noble mission of Martha Trust is …
… to give support to young people and adults over the age of 18 with profound physical and multiple learning disabilities, encourage them to explore the world around them, and take an active role in their community.

In its facilities, the organization provides the highest standards of round-the-clock nursing care to the ones unable to walk unaided, who have a moderate to profound learning disability and a moderate to profound physical disability.

It is a safe haven when such people are treated with the utmost care, attention, and advanced therapy programs designed to improve the physical health and emotional wellbeing. All therapy programs, including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, reflexology, massage and music therapy, are tailored to the specific needs of individuals.

Through the numerous daily activities ranging from horse riding to gardening, residents can get in touch with an outside world and enjoy it despite their disabilities. By, at the same time, getting the best care they require.

… support and advice are offered to the whole family, making sure that parents and siblings have the opportunity to get involved in every aspect of life at Martha Trust. It is truly a remarkable organization that changes the lives of people.

If you enjoy dabbing a ticket while bursting into tears by laughter, Comedy Bingo nights will be right up your alley. Those with a bit of luck can also win nice prizes. But most importantly – you will be helping the ones less fortunate to get the care they need.