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What Is CBD Water, and Should You Drink It? (CBD Gummies, CBD Oil)

CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol (CBD), is a well-known product that has received increasing attention in recent years. CBD-infused capsules and gummies have been introduced to health shops.

CBD water is also now widely available, drawing both praise and criticism. This article will help you decide if CBD water is worth your money.

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What is CBD water?

CBD is a chemical compound found within the cannabis plant.

CBD isn’t psychoactive, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol. It doesn’t give you the same high as marijuana or THC ( 1).

CBD’s medicinal properties have been extensively researched. It may help with chronic pain, anxiety , and inflammation ( 2, 3TrustedSource, 4).

There are now many CBD products available, including capsules, oils, and gummies.

CBD water is the newest form of CBD water. It is made by infusing water and CBD particles.

According to manufacturers, it is a simple way to get your CBD fix as well as reap the potential health benefits.


The compound CBD, which is found in cannabis, has been linked to many health benefits. CBD-infused water, along with a variety of CBD products such as oils, gummies and capsules, is now available.

CBD water has minimal CBD

CBD water has a few drawbacks.

Brands vary in the amount of each serving, but most serve between 2 and 5 mg.

While dosage recommendations may vary, most studies that evaluated this compound’s positive effects used at least 15mg per day ( 5).

Many companies claim that their products have low CBD content. They use nanotechnology to reduce particle size and increase your body’s ability absorb and utilize CBD.

There is not much research on the impact of nanotechnology on CBD absorption. One study however found that CBD nanoparticles made from lipids are more easily absorbed by the body ( 6).

To determine if CBD water contains nanoparticles, further research is needed.


CBD water typically contains low levels of CBD. Although many brands claim that nanotechnology is used to increase absorption of CBD, it’s not clear if this is true.

Light and air-degrade CBD

CBD is a highly unstable compound and requires careful storage and preparation to preserve its medicinal properties.

Exposure to light and air can lead to its destruction, negating any potential benefits.

CBD water is most commonly stored in clear containers on supermarket shelves, under bright lights for many days or even weeks. This degrades its CBD content.

One study examined the effects of storage conditions on cannabinoids. It found that the most severe loss of CBD was due to exposure to sunlight ( 7).

Although temperature had no effect on cannabinoid content, exposure to the air caused significant cannabinoid loss. The CBD in CBD water begins to dissolve as soon as it is opened ( 7).

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These findings, while they are still subject to further research, suggest that CBD water has a low likelihood of having a significant medicinal effect.


CBD can be damaged by light and air, which could negate its potential health benefits. Clear bottles are often used to sell CBD water. This means that the CBD in the CBD may already have been reduced significantly by the time you consume it.

CBD water can be expensive

CBD water is the best way to get CBD.

A single 16-ounce (1673ml) serving of ice cream can be purchased for $4-7 USD. This price does not include shipping and tax.

While bulk buying can save you money, each bottle still costs at least $3 USD.

This CBD is more expensive than other forms.

CBD oil is typically priced at around $35-40 for approximately 30 servings. This amounts to less than $2 per serve.

CBD creams, capsules, vapes and gummies can provide high levels of CBD at a low cost per serving.


CBD water is more costly than other forms such as capsules, gummies and vapes.

Can you drink CBD water?

CBD water may have some benefits but it only contains a small amount of CBD.

It is also more expensive than other CBD products and less effective.

CBD water will not provide any benefit due to the fact that this compound loses some of its medicinal properties when exposed light or air.

To reap the benefits of CBD’s medicinal properties, it is best to stick with other CBD products.

CBD oil, capsules and gummies are more convenient than CBD water and can be purchased in dark-colored containers.

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