What happened During Ransomware Louisiana Attack?


On November 18th, 2019, several government offices were impacted by a ransomware strike, departments including office of Motor Vehicle, Department of health, Department of Transport and Development were severely impacted by it.

Ransomware as name suggests is a computer virus that encrypts the whole data on your system and to unlock your data, a certain amount of money is asked for in return. The problem with this virus is that decrypting that data is not easily possible.

Estimate provided by Cybersecurity Commissioner Jeff Moulton states 132 servers and 1600 systems being affected by this RYUK ransomware. Governor of Louisiana took to twitter and asked corporation of State’s cybersecurity team to help in resolving this pressing issue.

After the attack, all the offices and systems are under maintenance and viruses will be removed before starting the regular operations again>How to prevent such attack?
The attack affected 132 servers with critical information and do you know how this attack started? By just one single wrong software download.

Hacking of today takes months of planning, site cloning, wrong links, so many things come into play but you can still avoid it very easily after all prevention is better than cure.

Just recheck the domains, site names before clicking on anything and if you have an IT department, route your software install query through them.

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