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What Do People Look for in Luxury Properties?

Listing and marketing a luxury property isn’t always easy. Even in a hot market, you’ll be contending with a lot of competition – and high prices that could scare away a significant portion of the population. If you want to market luxury real estate effectively, you’ll need to focus on the qualities that luxury property buyers want to see the most – and promote them across a multitude of different channels to maximize your reach. The Most Important Qualities of Luxury Properties These are some of the most important qualities of luxury properties, according to buyers:

  • An open floor plan. It’s not a luxury property unless it has a big, open floor plan – at least, according to most modern buyers. People paying big money for homes want to be able to move around freely, enjoy tall ceilings, and have all the space necessary to host lavish parties. If it feels cramped or if it’s difficult to get from one room to another, it’s not worth buying.
  • A robust kitchen (with extras). Most homebuyers focus heavily on the kitchen, but for luxury buyers, it’s even more important. You’ll need to make sure the kitchen is spacious, with plenty of counter space, and plenty of upgrades to put it well into the modern era. It also helps to have a handful of extras – like a wine storage area.
  • Big windows and lighting. Lighting and exposure to natural light have a big impact on your mood and psychological profile – and luxury homebuyers know it. Luxury properties often come with large, grandiose windows (and a beautiful view outside), as well as tasteful indoor lighting to make the space seem even more lavish. These lighting touches will also be helpful when photographing and preparing to market the home.
  • Outdoor lounge spaces. Who doesn’t love spending time outdoors? For a luxury property owner, there needs to be enough space and freedom to enjoy it consistently. Luxury properties sell better if they come with a pool, an outdoor kitchen, a large patio, or other outdoorsy features that call people to the yard.
  • Privacy. Most luxury buyers don’t want to be bothered by noise or outside interference when they’re trying to relax. That’s why some of the best-selling luxury properties are those that offer substantial privacy; neighbors should be at a distance, and the home itself should be away from major roads and urban establishments.
  • Spacious bathrooms. Going to the bathroom in a luxury property should feel almost like going to the spa. There should be modern, updated fixtures, high-quality, beautiful flooring, and of course, plenty of space for you to move around and get ready.
  • Room for exercise. It also helps to have a dedicated room for exercise – a workout space so the property owners never have to go to the gym. A finished basement or a large first-floor space with ample height should serve well.
  • A roomy walk-in closet. Luxury property owners typically have expansive wardrobes – after all, they’re usually dressed to impress. That’s one reason why walk-in closets are considered such an upgrade. Make sure you find a way to show off the closet space when marketing the property.
  • Smart technology. These days, luxury property buyers are also looking for homes with “smart” upgrades. It’s possible to upgrade any home to become a smart home, but it’s so much more convenient if it’s already baked in.

Key Techniques for Success So what can you do to emphasize these qualities in your luxury property? These are some of your best tactics:

  • Hire the right photographer. One of your greatest assets is going to be a professional photographer, who can find the right lighting and the right angles to show off what makes this property special. A skilled person behind the camera can make the space seem bigger, more inviting, and yes, even more luxurious.
  • Improve your descriptions. Put your writing skills to the test by describing each of these key features in an original – yet captivating – way. Try to put together descriptions that don’t sound like those in other listings and show off what makes this property truly unique.
  • Market to the right people. Your well-written copy and amazing photos are only going to land with people who are already in the market for a luxury property; they won’t mean as much to someone who’s not interested in moving or someone who can’t afford a home like this. Make sure to review your target audience carefully and choose the right channels to reach them.

Even with all these features, there’s a chance you may run into issues when selling your luxury property. Remain positive and patient throughout this process as you make adjustments to your listings – and hopefully, reach new people along the way.