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Vuuzle.TV announces PREMIERE! See GENENOID and the new THE PORTAL series soon

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Thousands of people around the world choose Vuuzle.TV — and Vuuzle Media Corp do their best to justify this trust. One of the main values ?? is to take care of your users. Vuuzle Media Corp is constantly improving the technical capabilities of its applications. In particular, on the streaming platform Vuuzle.TV the user can watch their favorite movies, TV series, and shows for FREE and 24 hours a day.

Vuuzle Media Corp founder and Vuuzle Film Production executive producer Ronnie Flynn said the company creates its own content based on the interests and demands of society. The production is already producing dozens of rating shows on Vuuzle Dubai Studios every week. Also, Vuuzle is busy releasing the first series of the mini-series  The Portal,  and the hot PREMIERE of GENENOID is expected soon.

“Do not cross! Cause of Death Genenoid infection ”reads the announcement of a new film from Vuuzle Film Production called  GENENOID.

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Modern Vuuzle Dubai Studios is equipped with the best and most modern equipment that currently exists in the world. Therefore, on the basis of Vuuzle Film Production, various media content is produced:

  • show;
  • TV series;
  • movies;
  • music videos;
  • videos;
  • promotional videos.

 “My goal is to create Hollywood in Dubai and make the best TV shows and movies in the world,” said Ronnie Flynn.

Also soon Vuuzle Film Production will present new series of the series  The Portal – a modern thriller series about fallen angels and a new facet of life, where power, resentment and anger reign. Timing of one series – 30 minutes.

  • The executive producer of the series is  RONNIE FLYNN
  • Producer –  DK ABDELRAHMAN
  • Screenwriters:   WALLED FARID and OSAMA MENREZ


  • Abraxis –  KEITH DELLISON
  • Malcom – RONNIE FLYNN
  • Martha – DIANE O’’SULLIVAN
  • Selena – COURTNEY LONG

Each episode of the mini-series has its own interesting culmination. In the first series of “The Portal”, the producer Malcom sells his soul and exchanges it for money and fame.

The first series of the mini-series The Portal begins with the reflection of the main character named Abraxis on what life is… Here is an excerpt from the monologue in the original language:

“What is life but a series of self-implemented domino reactions… Life is a constant ticking clock and you move at your own base. You may move with slow calculated steps. We may move with quick impulsive reactions but no meter the means. The resulting consequences are always ticking.”

Watch the trailer for the mini-series The Portal:

In the mini-series The Portal, you will learn why the popular singer Martha has a scandal with her producer named Malcom? Will the star be able to survive after a terrible car accident? What price is Malcom willing to pay for recognition and fame? And who is the mysterious Abraxis?


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Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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