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Vuuzle Media Corp Employees extend their appreciation to founder Ronnie Flynn

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Comfort and trust are key to a healthy working environment. To achieve this, it is essential to create good relations with our colleagues, especially with our employer. In our working relationship with our boss, respect and trust should prevail. When employees have a good working environment, success will then follow with the company, and this is what Vuuzle Media Corp testifies.

Vuuzle Media Corp is a rising name in the field of media entertainment and technology business. Ronnie Flynn, its founder, has raised capital of over a hundred million dollars for many different projects in entertainment and business, worldwide. He has also become one of the most sought-after personalities in the world, both in business, corporate advisor, and consultant. For a man who has financed major Hollywood productions such as Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th (directed by John Blanchard and starring talents such as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Tom Arnold, Coolio, and Shirley) the legacy remains humble.

As his personality secures him a top slot in the world of business, his employees never fail to appreciate the backbone of their career and flourishing success. In fact, they made a touching letter and fun video in the founder’s special day.

Have a look of this touching letter.

An open letter to the the most stunning leader we ever had.

We’re not lying when we say this: As much joking around as we do, we really look up to you.

When we first started working with you, we would lie if we’ll say we never felt a little intimidated. You literally ace in everything that was going on. Not only your huge accomplishments but also your great fashion sense speaks volumes about your personality. Finding out you’d been in the industry for over 33 years, the whole knowledge and talent thing made total sense.

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As cliche as it may seem, thank you for pushing us to do better.

You had the confidence in us that no one else did. Not even us, ourselves, had the confidence within, that you had in us. From the first zoom meeting to learning every aspect of what the company does, you were constantly the best backbone there ever was. We also appreciate you for being so open with us about our bad outputs that need improvements. Definitely, that has truly made us better persons and better employees in the long run.

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There were some moments we hated coming in. You were then a hero that saves the day as you bring a calming sense and assurance of everything will fall as planned. Just like Iron Man, you have a personality of a steel in terms of your will and work demands, but has a soft spot for Vuuzle Media Corp and its employees.

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You treated us with respect and saw us as people and not just employees.

So, to end this open letter, we wish you a happy birthday, our boss Ronnie Flynn! You aged perfectly like a fine wine, and we are so honored that we had a taste of what’s working with you.

The whole Vuuzle Media Corp Team extends our greetings and appreciation on this special day. Here’s a short video we really had fun doing, and we hope we can paint a smile on your face.

We wish you good luck in your future endeavors, and may this company flourish, far way better than we have imagined.

We always have faith in you, like you’ve had in us.

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Professionally yours,

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If this touching letter would not reflect how Ronnie Flynn is an effective boss, what would it be? A company would always have a lot of setbacks and dark times, but a team that treats problems hand in hand will like to be more successful in time. Truly, Vuuzle Media Corp employees are blessed to have a leader as their founder.

What do you think of Ronnie Flynn? Share it with us!


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