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Used Car Verification Tool – Just Launched By

Jun 22, 2020 8:00 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Jun 22, 2020

Purchasing a Used Car? Discover a Vehicle’s Entire History with a Phone, Tablet, or Laptop with has just launched a new tool to verify used cars so consumers can find any hidden problems to make a better-informed purchase. Buying a used car can certainly be cost-effective and sensible, but it does come with risks – namely, not knowing the vehicle’s particular history. Has the car been in an accident, or had mechanical safety issues? Unfortunately, the seller may not reveal – or even know – the full truth.

Now with’s new tool, there’s now a reliable and convenient way to quickly access critical information about a used vehicle by running a vehicle history report which verifies of all important components installed by the vehicle manufacturer as well as a detailed breakdown of the vehicle’s history which can include accidents, how many previous owners and known safety issues and recalls.’s vehicle history report (or VIN check) provides potential vehicle buyers with all the information needed to make a wise purchase. This vehicle history report can be accessed right from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere there is internet access.

How to Perform a Vehicle Search

To discover a vehicle’s entire history in moments, potential buyers need only supply the vehicle’s 17-digit VIN – provided on all cars manufactured after 1980. While a paid search can yield a bit more information, here’s what buyers can generally expect to find with any car VIN search:

  • Accident history
  • Previous owners
  • Liens held against the vehicle
  • Recalls
  • Flood damage
  • Title checks
  • History of airbag deployments
  • Problems with the odometer
  • Records of theft

Relying on these key details, potential buyers can ultimately make a more educated decision about purchasing a used vehicle. A car with recalls or known safety issues, for example, may require additional maintenance down the line, or may not last as long as it should. Knowing this in advance can help a purchaser decide to buy another vehicle, or anticipate potential repairs.

Completely Confidential, Quick, & Easy

Finally, any vehicle history report with is completely confidential, so that buyers can remain anonymous. All that’s needed is a digital device and the VIN number. Good luck to all vehicle buyers!

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