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UK Lockdown Restrictions Easing in Time for Spring

After one year under several lockdowns, the UK is finally turning a major corner in its coronavirus recovery plan. Effective March 29, 2021, the UK will start to ease lockdown restrictions. So, what does that mean for UK citizens? Read on to learn what’s allowed after quarantine restrictions are lifted.

First Steps

Under Boris Johnson’s order, the UK entered into a step-down plan consisting of four tiers. This protocol will now be lifted and most likely not reinstated as new plans emerge. Effective March 8, 2021, students began returning to school. In addition, people were only allowed to meet with one other person outdoors. This will be a relief for friends and family who have been greatly distanced by the inability to so much as meet for a cup of coffee.

When it comes to outdoor activities, users in the UK can start using outdoor gym equipment from March 29. If all goes well without spikes in COVID cases, April 12, 2021 will be the day when non-essential employees can return to work. This includes retail, beauty salons and barbers as well as indoor gyms. Despite these new openings, everyone will still need to practice caution and social distance, wear a mask and regularly wash their hands.

Expanding Activities

Other outdoor venues like theme parks and zoos are also slated for reopening. If vaccine administration remains on track, gatherings of up to six people will also be permitted. Also, in April, holiday apartments and campsites should also open for business, which is a welcome relief after months of being cooped up inside. As we edge towards May, weddings can also take place. However, the guest list must remain under 15 people. This is rule also applies to funerals.

Moving Toward Normalcy

As we edge towards May, weddings can also take place. However, the guest list must remain under 15 people. This is rule also applies to funerals. It’s important to note that while the UK’s goal is to ultimately lift all social distancing restrictions by the middle of June, a consistent drop in cases is necessary for this to happen. The best way to make this happen is for everyone to follow current protocols and not let cabin fever get the best of them.

What About Other Countries?

In many parts of the world, gyms remain closed as lockdowns continue. To stay in shape at home, you can try several things. First, if you feel comfortable, don a face mask and go for a daily walk. Early morning hours just before or after sunrise can be ideal to avoid others; socially distanced walks through the neighborhood can also help you stay in shape without having to go in close quarters.

Indoors, there are plenty of free workout videos on YouTube that range from complete beginner to advance. Just type in your preferred activity and Also, choose one that you enjoy. Switching up exercises and instructors can help you stay motivated and prevent boredom. Once restrictions are lifted, you take your workouts outdoors and enjoy the added bonus of fresh air and sunshine.

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