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Ugraded DM20 Smartwatch by Hazzler versus Lemfo Lem10 smartwatch


Smartwatches are an innovative, seamless, and hassle-free solution for a mobile or iPhone. Now you can enjoy the most immersive indoor or outdoor experience with the prettier smartwatches around using powerful yet stylish standalone smartwatch. Track your heart rate, guard your life, track your movement with GPS, make vibrant video calls, and take pictures with stylish smartwatches available in various styles and models.

Let’s talk about the android smartwatch Lemfo Lem10 and the Upgraded DM20


Hazzler Upgraded DM20 smartwatch

Hazzler Upgraded DM20 smartwatch has distinctive features that make it a swift and agile, innovative solution for all. It is a powerful android smartwatch for men, women and teens. It is equipped with wifi & 4g network using GSM sim cards like Mint Mobile, SpeedTalk, and T-mobile. Hazzler Smartwatch DM20 supports a nano-Sim card that lets you enjoy ultimate freedom without taking your phone with you. Whether you are enjoying the most immersive traveling or going for outdoor activities, the DM20 is a square smartwatch that keeps you connected.


  • High-density square screen of 1.88 inches
  • Robust battery upgrade from 780mah to 1280mah
  • Unlock watch using Face ID
  • Single color – Black or Silver
  • Compatible with 4g networks like T-Mobile & At&t
  • Storage capacity – 3GB RAM 32GB Internal Storage
  • IP67 water resistance & Touchscreen Interface
  • 1- year Warranty

Hazzler Upgraded DM20 smartwatch is like an apple watch, but it is more intelligent than the apple watch. It has a square shape, elegant style with a button on the side, a heart rate monitor that touches the body, a charging port with a plastic back, and a glass front, it is a pretty lightweight and full android which makes it distinctive.

Lemfo Lem10 Smartwatch

Lemfo Lem10 smartwatch is famous for its enhanced clarity display with high density 1.8 inches square screen, rich 4g experience leaving your phone behind when traveling or performing your workout activities. Lemfo android watch has become user’s choice due to its fitness tracking sensor and technology- friendly features:

  • Enhanced screen resolution of 360*320
  • Built-in nano Sim card slot
  • Lemfo fitness tracker lets you record your heartbeats & BP
  • Elegant style with multi-color access
  • Camera 5mp for vibrant video calling
  • Answer calls & Alarm clock
  • Storage with1+16G, 3+32G, ROM 32 GB
  • Lacklustre battery of 780 MAH

Standard   Features   of   Lemfo  Lem   10   &   Hazzler Upgraded DM20 smartwatch

Both brands have the following standard features:

  • Intelligent wristwatch compatible with 4-G network and wifi
  • Robust android functionality supporting GPS, GSM SIM Card, Google play store, chats, skype & vibrant video calling options
  • High-Density Square screens with 5 MP camera
  • Smart wrist phones have one year warranty
  • Both have a storage capacity of 32GB as option
  • Bands of both smart wristwatches have Silica gel and cases of slick

Distinctive Features of Hazzler Upgraded DM20 & LemfoLem 10 smartwatch

Each brand has its elegant style and unique features. Despite various similarities, they differ in the following features:

  • Lemfo offers two different memory and storage capacities: 1+16G, 3+32G, whereas Hazzler offers one option of 3GB+32GB.
  • Lemfo Lem10 claims its compatibility with all networks and wifi Whereas Hazzler DM20 has limitations for Sprint and Verizon
  • Hazzler DM20 has a more robust battery than LemfoLem 10 -780 mAH, whereas Hazzler has1280
  • Hazzler Smartwatch offers ability to unlock your watch using Face ID
  • Hazzler Smartwatch is shipped from Atlanta, GA whereas Lemfo ships from China.