Top IT Company Awards 2019

Continuing its rise as a top-class IT company, Dot Com Infoway garnered immense acclaim again this 2019, as highlighted by the heaps of awards it has been given this year. Among the most prestigious is a spot in the 2019 Top 100 Asia Red Herring Award, which is exclusively given to the most promising startups in the entire Asian continent.

A Shining Star in Mobile App Development

Since its founding, Dot Com Infoway has slowly earned a reputation for being one of the best app development companies not only in its home country India but worldwide as well. Dot Com Infoway was specifically recognized for its adept and expert developers, growing portfolio, pricing, client base, feedback from clients and employees, and timely delivery of results in every project. The last award for mobile app development came from the International Trade Council’s Go Global Award 2019. The organization is known for bestowing honors on businesses that are able to drive growth and development through innovation in various industries.

Blockchain app development is one of the latest app development disciplines at present which is also gaining a lot of traction. Recently, it was included in the list of Top 25 Mobile Game Development Companies in 2019 by TopDevelopers. The site is dedicated to collecting highly objective reviews made by industry experts on IT companies worldwide. It has already featured Dot Com Infoway in the past for its various app development achievements, but it is only now that TopDevelopers has also recognized it as an equally competent game development company, which is a first in the company’s history.

Covering More Ground

The singular milestones Dot Com Infoway achieved in blockchain and gaming are but some of the tell-tale signs of its brisk expansion. MobileAppDaily is one of the largest resources of all news pertaining to the mobile industry, and like other platforms of its kind, it also judges the performance of mobile app companies in various fields including app marketing. Another notable accolade it garnered is a spot in Clutch’s Top 1000 B2B Companies. It is monumental for any company to be included among the world’s best business-to-business firms and equally laudable to be given such an exclusive recognition by Clutch.

It is a clear sign that Dot Com Infoway is staying true to its dedication to customer service and satisfaction because Clutch is known for its thorough analysis of business-to-business performance metrics. Lastly, the man at the helm of Dot Com Infoway himself, Venkatesh C.R., who is primarily responsible for the company’s remarkable ascent thanks to his outstanding leadership, has also received recognition as one of the Top 25 Mobile Influencers this year.

Staying on the Path of Growth and Innovation

Indeed, these awards only serve to underscore the relentless drive of Dot Com Infoway to become a globally-recognized, world-class IT company. The challenge lies in how it is going to sustain and boost its momentum further. Considering its commendable track record, it is safe to say that the company is in good hands.

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