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Girls love surprises. And the more you do them, the higher the interest in you. An unexpected gift characterises a man as a generous, attentive and kind person, and these qualities are always highly appreciated.
However, it is often difficult for men to choose a present, especially at the beginning of a relationship. You do not know the girl enough to give her something personal, expensive is inappropriate, and a cheap trinket will only spoil the impression. Flower Bouquet? This is a definitely a good decision, but what can you give a girl on a date besides flowers? We offer our ideas.


We made the list with two factors in mind. The present should not oblige the girl to reciprocate gestures and should not be formal.
Sweets. Most girls like sweets, so you can give them chocolates or french macarons. If your friend doesn’t eat sugar or has a special diet, go to a specialty store that sells natural products. There is marmalade and even cakes without sugar.
The book is the best gift of all time. You can choose a novelty, a bestseller, or something for self-development. Be careful with professional literature and its favorite authors: you can make a mistake and buy a book that she has already read.
If you are on a tight budget, buy a souvenir: key chain, pen, mug, funny stickers. These cute things are sold in gift shops and book supermarkets. Their charm is that they are inexpensive, will be in front of the girl’s eyes and will always be reminded of you.
A little tip: choose not the first souvenir you come across, but the one that is really associated with your friend. Otherwise, the gift will show a superficial attitude towards her.
It may seem strange to many to give a girl a scarf on a date. But imagine: it’s evening, you’ve been walking for a long time, and it becomes cool and uncomfortable outside. As soon as your friend starts complaining about the cold, you take out a scarf and help her keep warm. This is a beautiful gesture of attention and care. In winter, choose knitted scarves, in summer, light stoles.
For romantic and dreamy girls, give a soft toy on a date. The gift is sentimental and a little childish, so make sure she likes it first.
The described categories of surprises are familiar to everyone. But we didn’t want to offer specific solutions – it’s boring. We have set the search vector, and now you can get creative and find something interesting.


Girls appreciate surprises not only on dates, but also for all sorts of insignificant reasons, and especially without them. Therefore, we have collected ideas for presentations that can replace standard bouquets and at the same time tell about your sympathy.
Give silver jewellery to your girlfriend. They don’t have to be jewellery or very expensive. You can look for jewellery or handicrafts.
A useful and pleasant surprise – a fruit basket. To make the gift look more aesthetically pleasing, add flowers to the basket: roses or chrysanthemums.
Girls appreciate the time you spend together. Depending on her hobbies, donate tickets to a concert, exhibition, gallery, cinema or museum. Be sure to walk together, rather than inviting her to go with a friend.
It is difficult to find a person who does not like massage, especially if it is done by a loved one. Create a relaxing atmosphere at home: use incense sticks, turn on a relaxing music selection. Give your friend a relaxing massage. If in doubt about your abilities, buy her a massage session.
Make a homemade dinner. Such a gift only seems banal. In fact, you will solve one of the main women’s problems: “What to cook tonight?”
One of the cutest surprises, according to our customers, is balloons. They decorate the room, create a joyful mood and remind you of you.

The digital photo frame is an example of how gadgets can also be a romantic gift. Upload your joint photos and tell the girl at the presentation why you chose these images.
A romantic surprise that does not require large financial investments – love notes or postcards. Let the girl find them throughout the day and read your declarations of love. By the way, postcards are underestimated by many men. Try to give the girl an original design card just like that and see the reaction. We are sure that the gift will seem very touching to her.
Thermo mug is a useful present. It will be appreciated by practical girls who always prefer something functional instead of flowers and trinkets.
Scented candles are the eternal companion of romance. You can even make them yourself: in art studios there are many master classes on making aroma candles.

We are sure that from the proposed list you will definitely find a gift that you can present to a girl. But do not forget about flower bouquets – this is still a classic, proven over the centuries. When you want to present her with flowers, visit the online store of DodoMarket Gifts and Flowers Delivery. We always have the best and freshest flower bouquets and amazing gift ideas for her. And for her birthday you can also find gourmet birthday cakes and french macarons to make sure that she remembers this special day!

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