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Top 5 best web development companies in Vietnam

Jun 9, 2020 1:49 PM ET

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Establishing web dominance is a critical aspect of running a business. But to get it right, you need to hire the services of a team that is competent enough to execute the task as per your unique needs, with uttermost precision. For several years now, the world has been looking at Vietnam’s way for its web development and software solutions. This is because the country has developed a strong reputation as an outsourcing destination for all web and software development services.

The many companies to choose from makes it a challenge to know the best team to work with. Here, we will sample the top 5 web development companies in Vietnam that have a proven track record.
They are featured by TechTIQ Solutions,, ODS Group, Tech Times, Tech Reviewer, Best in Singapore, Good Firms,, Amdidextr Media, YES or No in the list of best web development outsourcing companies in Vietnam.
We hope consulting this list will help guide your selection.


S3 Corporation is a web development company based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The company prides itself on delivering the best web development and software services that offer its clients and partners the best value possible. S3 has worked with various brands and companies around the world including Pepsico, SingTel and Vinasa. With this a proven track record, the company has cemented its position as one of the most innovative and dependable software outsourcing companies.

The top benefits of working with S3 Corporation include:

  • Timely delivery of projects and within the budget specification
  • Highly skilled personnel that is conversant with the latest trends in the tech industry
  • Flexible working models throughout the partnership period
  • Modern IT infrastructure based on stable growth that sustains scalability of projects.


Since its establishment in 2009, Savvycom has achieved and cemented its position as a leading digital technology company in ASEAN that provides digital transformation and software development services. Its proven record of accomplishments have earned global recognitions: Top 30 Global Mobile App Developers (Clutch, 2019), Top 50 Leading IT Companies in Vietnam (2015, 2018, 2019), and ASEAN Business Awards Finalist (2017). Further, Savvycom has a rich portfolio of more than 100 clients, including strategic collaboration with Fortune 500 companies.

The top benefits of working with Savvycom includes:

  • A client-focused model that ensures the products align with the client’s goals.
  • Strong experience with mobility solutions in the fields of E-commerce, Hospitality, Financial Service and Health Care.
  • Strong global partnerships with tech giants such as Apple, AWS, Magento and Google Cloud, to add more value to clients.


HDWebsoft is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is made up of over 150 employees who collaborate to offer high tech web application development, Mobile App development and software development solutions for clients in the region and other parts of the globe. In web development, the company has vast experience in developing large-scale business web applications with varying levels of complexity. This is possible through its team that is equipped with the latest and skills, trends and competences in the tech landscape.

When it comes to offshore development partners, HDWEBSOFT always delivers custom applications with best-in-class engineering. Specialties include Python ,NodeJS, .NET Core, Java, Rails, ReactJS, Angular, VueJS, Mobile development (native android, iOS , cross platform such as React Native ,Flutter)  and extensive experience with AWS, Azure, and GCP infrastructure as well as bare metal.

Since its inception, the company has worked with various companies and brands around the world including V-Tech, LogiAnalytis, ANX , Infinity Blockchain Labs, FinchMe, IslandCare, AllStack, AllTrustNetworks, Screenfluence  among others. With a strong and trusted portfolio, HDWebsoft is a trustworthy service provider for all your web and mobile development needs. With them, you get:

  • A highly skilled, knowledgeable and competent team
  • Support for your project beyond the initial development for continued growth
  • Their award-winning work can be found in multiple industries including medical, Ecommerce, aerospace, adtech, AI, blockchain, travel, and fintech
  • Competitive pricing

Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology Solutions is based in the Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The company was founded in 2012 and specializes in offshore software development, web application development, app development and custom software development.

Saigon Technology has worked with clients from many parts of the world including Panasonic, Abbott, Stone Forest,, RSM Singapore and Standard Chartered. Their experience and portfolio have seen the company earn a spot among the top software outsourcing companies in Vietnam. Their work has also earned them recognition, receiving Certification of Excellence in Software Development and an award by VINASA for being the Leading Software Outsourcing Company in Vietnam.

With Saigon Technology Solutions, you can expect:

  • Working with a highly knowledgeable, skilled and competent team that is conversant with the latest trends in the tech industry
  • Competitive pricing to deliver product within your budget
  • Assurance of quality and professional products
  • Ongoing support post the initial product development phase
  • Client-focused approach to ensure the client’s needs are met

Agile Tech Vietnam

Since 2015, Agile Tech has established a strong presence and grown to become among the top-quality outsourcing companies in Vietnam. The company specializes in web development, Mobile App Development, AI- big data services and Blockchain technologies. Through its robust highly skilled team of over 60 individuals, the company has provided tech solutions to many businesses around the world. Its portfolio shows the company’s competence in a wide range of industries including Enterprise Management, E-learning and E-book, FinTech Solutions, E-commerce, Social Network, Travel and Hospitality, among others.

Since its inception, the company has earned several awards and recognitions in the industry including the Top App Development Company in Vietnam by Appfutura, Reliable Company Award by Extract, Top Software Development Company, Top-Rated Software Development Companies by Software world, Top Web Developers by Wadline and Top Mobile App Developers 2020 by Clutch.

The top benefits of working with Agile Tech include:

  • Working with a highly skilled and competent team that is conversant with the latest technologies
  • Experience in diverse industries
  • Client-focused products with an assurance of quality
  • Competitive pricing

How to identify a good web development company

Choosing a web development company is never easy, even with a list of top companies. This is because every business has unique needs that not all web development companies can offer. However, there are several aspects to look out for to help narrow your options. These include:

  • A strong portfolio

A portfolio speaks to the level of competence and capabilities of a company. It will help you judge the quality of their work based on the clients they have worked with and their testimonials.

The more diverse the skillset, the more suitable a company is to hire. However, their portfolio should back their skillset. The company should demonstrate its ability to put their skills to use and deliver quality services.

  • Effective communication

Effective communication is the key ingredient that will determine the success of your engagement. Your company of choice should be able to demonstrate the ability to sustain effective communication throughout collaboration.

Your budget will also limit your options. The rule regarding pricing is to go for competitive pricing rather than cheap services.

Contact Information:

Office: (+84) 2838 110 001
Headquarter: 2nd Floor, M.I.D Building, 02 Nguyen The Loc Street, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Branch: 10th Floor, Cevimetal Building, 69 Quang Trung Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam


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