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Tommy Swanhaus’ New Best Selling Audiobook Is FREE On Audible

Aug 27, 2020 12:23 PM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Aug 27, 2020

Little Rock, AR – Tommy Swanhaus, the 8X Best Selling Author had his audiobook, “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, And Company” released on August 7th on Audible, the world’s largest voice/audio platform. On August 8th, Tommy Swanhaus’ book became a Best Seller for audiobooks in the Business and Career section. Tommy Swanhaus, the author and narrator say, “At this point, we have seen my book become a global sensation, in terms of success with paperback and ebooks. Therefore, I was more worried about the audience liking the narrators, engineering, etc.” Audible allows listeners to listen FREE to Tommy Swanhaus’ “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, And Company” when they try out the 30 Day Trial that can be canceled at any time.

Tommy Swanhaus says, “My entrepreneurial journey and my strategy for amplifying products and brands are the reason that my book has become a Best Seller numerous times in different categories. When it only took 1 day to become a Best Seller, I think it exemplifies all our hard work paying off.” The Best Seller Awards have been adding up in all business, marketing, entrepreneurship, small business, and career-related categories as the book has been a global success making Tommy Swanhaus an 8X Best Selling Author. “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, And Company” as had over 2.75 Million downloads and reads, which means over 275 million people throughout the world have talked about Tommy Swanhaus’ book, seen it, heard about it, or know of it.

While the audiobook can be listened to for FREE on Audible with their 30 Day Trial, the paperback or ebook can be purchased from Amazon or Kobo.  The paperback book has also just been released to hundreds of independent bookstores, colleges, and universities throughout the United States. Tommy Swanhaus says he loves that people can listen to “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, And Company” while also following along with the paperback or ebook of it.

In conclusion, Tommy Swanhaus says, “We have a Best Seller in Audible that I know can benefit an infinite number of people.” Starting today, “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, And Company” will be running Digital Ads on the New York Times website to make more of the right people aware of it.

“Amplify Your Marketing, Career, And Company” is about the entrepreneurial journey of Tommy Swanhaus who has started launching companies at an early age.  Tommy Swanhaus through his own life experiences demonstrates how you can grow your company when short staffed or lack the capital; how to improve your personal value, brand, and grow your career. Tommy Swanhaus also shows how you can use social media to increase revenue, along with other numerous business techniques and strategies.  “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, And Company” also shows the struggles that small businesses are challenged with and how they can impact one’s personal and family life. Tommy Swanhaus ends by saying, “When ‘Amplify Your Marketing, Career, And Company’ is FREE on Audible, you have nothing to lose by listening to it. I know you will enjoy it.”


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