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To Provide Quality That Meets The Eye! Get acquainted with the PREMIUM streaming application Vuuzle.TV

Streaming content is becoming so popular that it is taking more and more viewers to television and more and more listeners to radio stations. Such a word as “stream” is firmly in the vocabulary of almost everyone. Some choose streaming services to play, and some to watch movies or listen to music.

Interestingly, according to the analytical company AppsFlyer, since the beginning of the global pandemic, the weekly number of software downloads worldwide has increased by 28%. Streaming applications began to be used 70% more often!


Vuuzle Media Corp has entered the streaming market and joined the streaming video category, which already includes a number of players, from Netflix and Amazon to Hulu, Facebook and YouTube.

Vuuzle Media Corp. created its own OTT platform in 2018. And in the fourth quarter of 2019, the streaming application Vuuzle.TV  improved and perfected its functionality! Now you can watch movies, shows and TV series absolutely FREE of charge, without a monthly subscription and registration. Just download the app on your iOS or Android device – and you’re done. You can also view content in the web version of Vuuzle TV.


Vuuzle.TV is a premium streaming service that offers live video content, such as TV shows, news, sports and feature films.

The Vuuzle.TV streaming service works on the principle of content transfer from the provider to the user. All content is already downloaded on a third-party server – and the user does not need to download anything to view or listen. The content is broadcast in real time, the download speed directly depends on the speed of the user’s Internet.

This is a great advantage because viewing content online has become a great replacement for downloading files. You do not waste-free hard disk space, but immediately watch or listen. Such services are gradually killing torrents because more and more people are switching to streaming. Undoubtedly, streaming services are the same as television or radio, but with more advanced functionality.


The innovative streaming service Vuuzle.TV allows you to watch absolutely everything: from live news to classic movies and the latest in cinema. And it’s at any time and from any device. Available for FREE on Android and iOS devices.

It is worth noting that the Vuuzle.TV library is constantly updated and has a wide range of movies and new TV shows shot at the modern Vuuzle Studios in Dubai (UAE). Vuuzle.TV also has more than 40 genre categories – comedy, drama, family and children’s programs, classics, horror and others.

There are almost no people on earth who would not like to watch movies. Some are adventures or fiction that allow you to immerse yourself in unknown worlds, and some – lyrical stories to cry over unhappy love. However, there are those who are fond of detectives and militants to “tickle” the nerves, and many others appreciate humor and prefer comedies to distract from everyday life. However, everyone, watching the film, wants to get new impressions, to experience different emotions. And Vuuzle.TV gives such an opportunity!

Download VuuzleTV on IOSAndroidRoku, or online at See tons of channels and thousands of movies all free! Vuuzle is a premium streaming service that offers live video content. Such as hit television shows, news, sports, and feature-length movies.

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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