Tips to Identify Disruptive Business

What is a disruptive business?

A disruptive business is one that finds better ways of doing things that attract and retain customers. It is also future-oriented, predicting future trends and setting the pace even before people know that they need a certain product or service. When you anticipate what your customers will need in the future, your innovations can automatically become disruptive. Most times, it will not be obvious that a certain product or idea is disruptive.

It is not that difficult to identify a good business opportunity to pursue or invest in.

It caters to new markets

A business idea that involves an alternative product, say a cheaper alternative to cater for low-income earners can be a disruptive one.

It identifies and fills loopholes where other companies are failing

Customers love to have better alternatives especially when they are getting frustrated by a company’s poor quality of goods or services. Disruptive businesses may not become so overnight. It can arrive in the market as an unfinished product showing little potential, only to shock the market years later

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