Tips for candidates to appear in a proctoring based examination

All the institutions and organizations are seeing the future benefits of an online proctored exam. This has highlighted the need to urgently address to the online education and achieve the goals. This is highly beneficial in the form of integrity and transparency as compared to the traditional form of education. The online education and examination are gaining a lot of importance nowadays. All the universities are overcoming with the feature of delivering lectures online and providing the course materials to the students so that they can study the things by sitting at their home places only.

The students must also come with various examinations related studies so that they can have a seamless online testing experience.

Some of the tips which they must follow have been mentioned as follows:

1. Thestudents must have an idea about the guidelines related to the examinations: The students must make themselves familiar with the rules, codes of conduct and the guidelines associated with the examination. These guidelines are most important at the time of preparing and appearing for a particular test. They help to remove unwanted confusion and stress at the time of appearing for the particular examination. All the examinations have some of the other guidelines and the most common ones are to prohibit the use of gadgets and books at the time of appearing for the paper. Some other ones include provisions on browsing the internet at the time of appearing for the particular test as all these things are happening with the help of a web-based cameras and the proctor has all the ideas about the suspicious activities in which a particular candidate can indulge.

2. There must be a proper and stable connectivity of the internet: The candidate at the time of appearing for a particular examination must make sure that he or she has a proper and stable introduction. Hardware-based internet connection is always preferred at the time of appearing for the particular exams. The Wi-Fi and the hotspots can also solve the purpose, but the broadband is considered the best in such cases because they can provide uninterrupted long-term connections so that this can be fulfilled. The candidate must also have several devices like laptops and PC on which he or can appear for the test.

3. There must be a ready environment for the test: The online test takers must make sure that they are in a quiet area so that they can concentrate very well on the exam. They must make sure that the area is well lit and noise-free so that there is no disturbance during the exam. Another important thing is that the face and other body parts of the candidate like hands must be visible to the proctor so that any kind of suspicious activity can be detected very easily. In case of any kind of such activities, the proctor can raise a red flag and whether to accept or reject the particular test will depend upon him or her. A closed room is highly preferred at the time of appearing for exam because it will prevent all the family members from coming in and full concentration will be there from the candidates’ end.

4. The candidate must be sure about the configuration of the computer: The computer systems are very much important at the time of online exams and they must not break down, plus they must not lag in the whole process. The whole process must be highly uninterrupted with effectiveness and efficiency. Remotely proctored exam is the only test that has to be used with the web-based camera and a mike so that the candidate can give the test conveniently.

5. Dealing with plagiarism related issues: The candidates must come up with answers which are framed by themselves and on own. They must use the programming and knowledge base related skills in framing all the answers. One must not depend upon unethical shortcuts there in the whole process. A lot of companies provide platforms which can find the plagiarism related things and in case of copy-paste, they can directly cancel the test. The platform also can compare the things written by students and the things already published on the internet. They also follow anti-plagiarism strict policy. Hence, all the students must take care that they must not directly copy-paste the things and they must develop answers on their knowledge and skills.

6. The candidates must practice well: Before appearing for a particular exam in a particular subject the candidates must go thoroughly for the whole syllabus. One must have a proper idea about all the things taught during classes and curriculum. The best option is to make notes side by side watching the videos. One can refer to all these notes at any time at the time of revision and they serve as the best ways to be in touch with all the concepts. One must learn the things very well before appearing for the test and this will help in saving a lot of time at the time of the test.

7. One must take the test seriously: The candidates must take the tests which are occurring online very much seriously. All the online tests must be taken due care and one must be very much sure before ticking all the options into consideration. One must not leave any chance and one must do the things in the best possible manner. One must be very well prepared from examination point of view and one must read the instructions very carefully before proceeding for the test. One must not submit the test until one is properly done. The reason behind this is that this option cannot be undone.

The proctoring services are gaining importance widely and are provided with a lot of opportunities for the candidates to learn new skills and expand their existing knowledge base. These tests are very convenient and can be used in other fields also.

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