Tips and Tricks on Loading The Moving Truck

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Moving comes with lots of difficult tasks to perform but one of the most difficult ones is to load all your belongings in a moving truck. If you load the truck in an organized way, it will make the entire unloading and loading process smoother. Additionally, it helps you in transporting items safely at your destination. Most of the time the cost to hire movers is higher than renting a moving truck. It makes hiring a moving truck the best way to move and by the end of this article you will get to know why. So, read on:

How to load the moving truck?

Make loading and unloading a breeze with the help of these a few tips.

Things you should do before loading the moving truck!

  • Make sure you have all the packing materials in advance to pack all your belongings.
  • Rent the right size of the truck according to the volume of the items that you want to transport. Estimate the volume of the items at first and then decide the size of the truck that you need.
  • Use protective pads to wrap up the most delicate items such as mirrors and pictures with frames. So, you can transport items with complete safety.

Things you should do while loading the moving truck!

Load the largest, bulkiest and heaviest items at first: 

Load all the bulkiest and heaviest items at first. The category includes all your home belongings that require more than two people to move. Keep these items at first and in upright positions. Make sure you don’t load all the heaviest items at just one spot, distribute the weight to opposite sides to balance the truck. Use the furniture padding to protect the corners of the furniture. You can rent padding as well with the truck so don’t worry about padding.

Then load the longer items 

Then you should load the longer items. These longer items should include mattresses, headboards, sofas and all other long items. Loading these items against the wall will save the space of the truck. Mattresses can be used to cover up the remaining space so that the items can be transported safely to the destination.

Load the remaining boxes 

Next, you can load the remaining and the heaviest items on the truck. Now, you can place the boxes on the top of the furniture and appliances and then fill in the gaps to use the remaining spaces such as spaces under the table, chair seats and so on.

Make sure you keep the lighter boxes above the heavier one, make sure you keep fragile at one place and no items above the fragile items.

Try to stack up the boxes at the up of the truck so you can load more and more items. Bags full of clothing, garbage or other soft materials can be used to pack the remaining spaces.

Fill all the remaining holes

Then place then awkwardly shaped and fragile items at last of the truck so these can be transported easily to its destination. There might be a lot of cubby holes that will be present like underneath the table and chairs, desks and much more. Make sure the remaining items should only be those that can be loaded into the remaining spaces.

Use this guide to load the moving truck effectively as well as efficiently.

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