This is Facebook Horizon: an improved Second Life that is already in the testing phase

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Perhaps at some point we thought Facebook’s efforts to push its Oculus VR glasses were over, but we were far from it. Facebook skymarketing seems to be the new bet of Mark Zuckerberg’s company, a bet that is directed towards interaction on social networks, but using capital smart city .

A new virtual life for Facebook users

Following the recent acquisition of several of the leading developers of virtual reality games and integrating them into its growing Oculus VR division, the social network this week began sending invitations to a group of beta testers for blue world city  new social virtual reality app Facebook Horizon.

Do you remember those years when you couldn’t leave Second Life? Beyond the video game platform, Second Life that was born in 2003, for a time became the quintessential meeting place , with millions of people around the world recreating their own virtual version with avatars at buyproperty who shared activities, and well, in case you don’t know it, it became so big that companies opened branches in its virtual world, and even big bands came to give concerts in it.

However, its technology was not easy to understand, at least not for everyone, while accessing its server could take you all day, and when you did, it was sometimes branded. Not all computers could support it and slowly its dominance decreased.

Now, property news is presented as a new Second Life, a virtual reality with streets, houses, friends, somewhat strange pets and the same possibilities of connecting with other users.

This will be Facebook Horizon

According to Facebook, “Before entering Horizon for the first time, people will design their own avatars from a variety of style and body options, to ensure that everyone can fully express their individuality. From there, the magic portals, called telepods, will transport users from public spaces to new worlds full of adventure and exploration . At first, people will launch into games and experiences created by Facebook, such as pechs, a multiplayer aerial experience . 

That’s right, on Facebook Horizon you can not only create your own image and virtual home, but you can even fly planes. For now, Facebook is inviting a selected group of people to try out their new social network.

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screenshot of the invitation that Facebook sent by email that has been shared on Reddit indicates that the deadline to join this testing team was last Friday, March 6, while testing will begin later this month.

Of course we want to know more details, but in his email Facebook pointed out that users who agree to be alpha testers will have to sign a confidentiality agreement, since “the alpha version of Facebook Horizon will continue to present improvements in its product throughout the month. of March”.

The future of interaction and marketing is heading towards virtual reality

In fact, this is not the first time that Facebook has created a virtual reality social space, since it is the successor to “Spaces”, however, now it aims to provide a more engaging and attractive environment, from which users can start their experiences. virtual reality in a more natural and fluid way.

This launch is one of the indicators of the strength that virtual reality continues to take , a projection that suggests the adoption of growing virtual reality, and that will remain constant for the next few years, and could even be even faster.

If that happens, we can bet that the interest of the advertisers will also grow in that sense . And it is that virtual reality offers great opportunities to reach consumers, show a brand and connect directly with users in ways that previously could not even be imagined.

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