These are the new functions of LinkedIn: increasingly similar to Instagram and Facebook


sEvery day skymarketing gaining strength as the professional social network : its 600 million users share thousands of articles and publications every day on its platform and to improve this interaction, new features have been released, including interactions and tagging of photos.

Since its acquisition by capital smart city , we have witnessed drastic changes in its design on more than one occasion, which although many times are aimed at enhancing its professional tools, functions from other social networks such as Facebook have gradually been incorporated. And now Instagram seems to be the new inspiration for LinkedIn.

6 New LinkedIn Features

Although millions of users use LinkedIn to find new job opportunities, discuss the latest news related to their jobs or careers, according to the social network it is also a portal where you can share experiences and ideas. For this reason, blue world city  itself has been in charge of highlighting the news it has incorporated in this field.

1. Photo labels

If you want to make sure your coworkers know that you have uploaded a photo of the last dinner they shared, you can now tag the photos by buyproperty. When you post a photo on LinkedIn you will have the option to tag people on it. With this option there will never be a question of who is who in your organization.

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2. Reactions

Although LinkedIn currently has the “recommend” button, the platform ensures that
conversations have different nuances , and this button fails to express everything that users feel.

Reactions to property news have come to increase engagement among users and boost coexistence. However, this series of “emotions” described with an emoji are a bit different from those we can find on Facebook .

The reaction that prevails will be that of the “like” expressed with the classic thumb up , but you can also find the applause , with which the platform expects you to celebrate the achievements of your friends and colleagues.

The pechs is also present to show appreciation or happiness around the publication, with the light bulb you can indicate that the idea they have shared is insightful, and with the reaction of curiosity you will express that the content has intrigued you or made you reflect .

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3. Videos in messages

LinkedIn like most social networks drives video on its platform. Now, in addition to being able to share videos with your contacts or groups, you can also do it through direct messages.

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4. Share documents

This is one of the features we missed the most on LinkedIn: being able to share documents such as PowerPoint or PDF presentations , whether it be to send a resume, share business information or work with your team. From now on you can share both PDF files and slides either as a publication in your feed, in your groups or on your page.

5. Improvement in the publication and messaging buttons

It will now be easier to post a message from anywhere on the social network. The share button will now be at the bottom of your screen, while you can find the button to send messages in the upper right.

6. Menu for hashtags and groups

It will be easier than ever to find the groups you belong to on LinkedIn as well as find the hashtags that you follow , since they will be on the right side of your feed in the desktop version, or by clicking on your profile image in the mobile version .

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