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The Top 10 IT Outsourcing Companies for Hire in 2021

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 8, 2021  11:55 AM ET

No company or business can even think of success and progress without the use of technology. The modern era is the age of digitalization and information technology. Therefore, whether a startup or enterprise, every business has to find a way to set up and manage IT.

IT itself is a vast and diverse field that comprises a handful of technologies, tools and practices. Moreover, it is a field that is evolving at a rapid rate. Therefore, rather than taking this responsibility into their own hands, it is best for businesses to advertise tech support jobs and hire IT outsourcing companies to provide this service.

There are a handful of companies and service providers who cater to IT outsourcing. But as a business owner, you need to have no-one else but the most reliable company on board. Here are our top ten IT outsourcing company recommendations that are pioneers of this field and will not let you down:

1. Classic Informatics:

Based in India, with over 500 clients on a global scale, there is no doubt that Classic Informatics should be your top pick for immediate hire work from home jobs. Following the agile development method, they deliver effective solutions and that too, as quickly as possible.

2. Maven Wave Partners:

Maven Wave Partners is a specialized IT service provider that is renowned for its cloud-based services. They work with clients from different backgrounds, including but not limited to the financial sector, infrastructure, healthcare and retail.

3. Skelia:

Skylia works very closely with its clients to deliver powerful staff augmentation services that help companies boost their growth. They specialize in cross-border team services, therefore are an excellent pick for businesses who wish to offer home jobs. If you want to get into remote jobs and build a universal team without affecting the quality of work, Skelia is a service provider you should be asking for help.

4. Softweb Solutions:

Softweb Solutions has been in the industry for the last eighteen years. Having worked with a handful of clients on a range of different projects, they are surely one of the most experienced IT outsourcing companies for hire in 2021. They have worked on over 1400 projects so far and their team and client base are still expanding at a rapid rate.

5. Ibexlabs:

Specializing in DevOps and AWS services, Ibexlabs provides the best cloud services for its clients. They analyze the IT infrastructure for their clients and then come up with a solution that is specially designed to cater to the respective needs of their business. They are the go-to choice for e-commerce based businesses and clients who require website development services.

6. inVerita:

inVerita is a software development service provider. They make use of the latest technology and stack to come up with efficient and reliable software solutions for their clients. From product design to software development and even UX design, you get access to a wide range of services when signing up for inVerita IT outsourcing services.

7. Hyperlink Infosystem:

Based in India, Hyperlink Infosystem is one of the leading IT outsourcing service provider in the market. They offer a handful of IT services for their clients that include, but are not limited to, Web development, mobile development, Bloackchain development and AI based services. They are also known to provide excellent e-commerce solutions for their clients. They offer their services both on a full time as well as contractual basis according to the needs of their clients.

8. Gorilla Logic:

If your business or company requires a custom software solution or development service, contacting Gorilla Logic for help should be the first thing you should do. They are an excellent service provider who is willing to work around the clock and go the extra mile to provide for their clients. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, they are surely one of the best IT outsourcing company that you will come across.

9. FortySeven Software Professionals:

If you have a very specific and seemingly complex set of requirmenets for your software, FortySeven Software Professionals should be contacted for help. The service provider has worked on numerous projects and clients from different domains and sectors. They offer a comprehensive set of software development services including software development, web development, mobile development and even testing.

10. QBurst:

The list of the top ten IT outsourcing companies for hire in 2021 would surely be incomplete without the mention of QBurst. They put their customers before everything else and therefore, deliver competitive services that are aimed at helping their client’s business grow. The inhouse team of experienced professionals and developers proves to be a valuable asset for their clients. From IoT to chatbot development, AI solutions, DevOps services and even e-commerce and gamification, they offer a handful of IT services.



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