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The Recent Bitcoin Conference Has Cemented Miami As The Crypto Capital And Levolution’s Tokenization Platform Is At Forefront Of It All.

the recent bitcoin conference has cemented miami as the crypto capital and levolutions tokenization platform is at forefront of it all

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Miami, June 9, 2021- This past weekend, Miami hosted the largest Bitcoin conferences to date, securing its standing as the Crypto Capital of the U.S. The staggering number of high-net-worth attendees that have come in internationally and nationally is raising hopes of a speedy financial recovery from the pandemic and Levolution is paving the way.

Levolution is a tokenization platform based in London and Miami and is completely revolutionizing the traditional way people conduct business and fund their projects. As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream it is forcing a pivotal change in the financial world and will eventually push the public to find new ways of being able to conduct business or tap into raising capital with cryptocurrencies. If you want to be able to tap into the new world of crypto-funding and access a whole new financial market you will need to learn about tokenization and how your business can incorporate it into a new source of income.
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History has a way of repeating itself and the financial world is no different. In the 1970’s the financial world resisted and fought, tooth and nail against the introduction of the credit card. Generations of financial experts were quoted that it was a passing novelty and would never be accepted by the traditional financial world. But look at us now, and ask yourself how often do you use physical cash to order online, in a restaurant, or in a store?

The reality is that cryptocurrency is being adopted on a global scale and by foreign governments as a legitimate currency, proven by the announcement of the president of El Salvador during the Bitcoin conference and their recently signed bill to adopt and use Bitcoin as a legal tender.

As cryptocurrency becomes more prevalent more companies are exploring tokenization. Over the years, there have been multiple iterations of companies or projects issuing their own token. In all cases, this occurs through a token offering, although the distribution model can differ a bit. Through the Levolution platform users can explore different token offering types; those primarily being security token offerings and utility token offerings.

Levolution’s practical approach to tokenization is an easy way to adopt blockchain into a wide variety of different assets but, it is the solution they have created for real estate and funding of development projects that have gained the most traction. They became an industry leader by providing the infrastructure on tokenization and clear-cut instructions on how the process happens, along with the ability to tokenize assets and the incorporation of cryptocurrencies into feasible business transactions. They have made it easy for anyone to launch a token offering or invest in projects built on the Levolution platform.

“Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy stages in the grand scope of the world economy. We are still developing and creating viable solutions that can be used in day-to-day business and transactions. Overall, the technology that we developed in-house is the base for the future of an evolving market and can be adaptable across multiple industries. Coming from a traditional finance background we want to be able to give everyone access to this new form of raising capital” – Says Patrick Schmitt Cofounder/Lead Investor of Levolution LTD.

For more information on Levolution’s tokenization platform and how you can raise capital with cryptocurrency please go to or their YouTube channel.

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