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The Pandemic Is Driving Huge Growth In Remote Developer Hiring Company Codersera

The Pandemic Is Driv

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 8, 2020  9:10 AM ET

While the world is going through a global pandemic with no trace of an effective vaccine anytime soon, remote work is continuing to garner traction. The world is currently seeing the largest “work-from-home” experiment with organizations turning their attention to rebuilding the ways to gain efficient results from remote work. The year 2020 has seen businesses all over the world get affected and finding ways to stay afloat. Many companies have now gone totally remote and are planning to turn ‘WFH’ into a permanent reality. That being said, those who are willing to visit the office to work can do so, while others can choose to work from home.

Companies are seeing a significant difference in their overall growth with their remote working plans that are both positive and negative. One such company is Codersera that has seen a huge spike in its client-base during this pandemic phase. Amidst all the nuisance and chaos, an internal source tells us that Codersera saw a 3x spike in the number of clients acquired as compared to what they were serving before the pandemic.

There are several advantages that can be gained from remote work, including flexible work locations that improve employee satisfaction and a broader geographical reach for the business. But it does not subside the challenges of a development company that is going remote for the first time. In such a scenario, the company is mostly not well-equipped with remote development management and their employees who were so used to working in an office would not have the technology, resources, or the means to maintain a workplace environment at home.

Thus, it only makes sense for businesses to logically move to a firm that is already equipped with remote development or has been doing so for years. Any company that has been working remotely for some time would have their employees well-equipped with remote development management and tools. Without proper remote training and resources, the company is most likely to suffer huge efficiency and productivity losses.

In the field of development, there is a lot of dependency like a front-end developer might be dependent on the back-end developer to get access to the API so that they can go ahead with the design. Such a task can prove to be a challenging task in companies that were previously not involved with remote work. Whereas since Codersera has been working remotely for many years, they know how to maximize the productivity being remote. Their training schedule includes but is not limited to:

  • Step-by-step remote training walkthrough
  • Assigning a mentor to new remote developers
  • Scheduling frequent check-ins
  • Monitoring learner engagement and performance
  • Training employees to prioritize work

Codersera begs to differ and what makes it stand apart is being equipped with remote development. Codersera has its developers coming from across the globe, and the majority of them are from the USA and Europe region. All the Codersera developers are equipped with remote development tools and have practiced ways of unblocking themselves. The benefits of hiring remote developers also extend to facts like not having to follow any legal compliances, having less liability while also proving to be cost-efficient. However, in the end, quality is what matters above all, which developers at Codersera are known to provide which explains the premium charges of the company.

The company provides developers with both backend and front-end development experience and hires only the top 1% of the developer applications. You can seamlessly find and hire React, Angular, NodeJS, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, Android, and IOS Developers from their website. It also offers a 7-day risk-free trial version wherein the client has access to all the services without having to pay anything. This way, they can do a quality check and learn if the developers are meeting their needs and requirements.

Today, Codersera is continuously growing in the market with its fully remote workforce and has observed a 300% growth in the last 6 months. Not only Codersera, its immediate competitors like Toptal and Codementor are also keeping up with the trend and enjoying this transformation. The pandemic has most certainly amplified the criticality of remote tools and brought new complexities to the fore, however, finding opportunities and staying updated with the trends is what is helping these companies to grow even in these times of global crisis.


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