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The need for an equipped home in Barcelona after this confinement

May 5, 2020 2:00 PM ET
iCrowd Newswire – May 5, 2020

With the situation of COVID’19, the Barcelona’s real estate company Font Real Estate is taking into account essential aspects in their homes to overcome any situation in the best way.

It is not usual that the population is forced to be in their homes 24 hours a day except for going to buy food or go to the pharmacy. That is why, due to the weeks of confinement as a result of the Covid-19, most homes in Barcelona have revealed the shortcomings and advantages of each one and, in many cases, are not prepared for the intensive use that is expected of them.

For this reason, real estate agencies such as Font Real Estate, Barcelona’s real estate experts, are selling closeby Gaudi’s famous Park Güell in Travesera de Dalt apartments equipped to overcome any situation. Some factors that are taken into account are:

– Having a wide outdoor outlet that allows you to live outdoors and carry out activities such as playing, exercising, reading, enjoying your favorite movie, and even having the opportunity to enjoy some improvised Barcelona’s neighborhood concert. People who have been looking outside from a window know how valuable it is to have a space like that.

– A decisive factor in choosing a home, a pied a terre or an apartment for live is the size of the streets and the sensation of space. On days like those we are currently living, the difference between living on a narrow and gloomy street and a wide and bright street is valued.

– Another important aspect to keep in mind is that the very design of the apartments allows for cross ventilation that generates benefits such as air renewal and improved thermal comfort in hot climates.

– In a changing environment, it is essential to have the energy label A in order to guarantee low costs in the intensive use of the home or even if you use time to time, that does the maintenance cost keep low. Living in a building with an energy class A is very important, since it represents a great saving in the electric bill and consumption is usually above 30%.

– A good storage room is also very important, not only to store bicycles or other objects that we no longer use. It can be a good place to store those items that each family considers essential for a time of need. The Travesera promotion includes large storage rooms that allow you to be prepared for long days at home.

– Living in the city like Barcelona provides a series of undeniable advantages such as good communication or various leisure offers, but sometimes it can also be overwhelming due to being such a crowded space. Having a green lung like Park Güell next to your home that allows you to go for a walk at a certain time, breathe pollution-free air and enjoy the tranquility, are also very important aspects to value.

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