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The importance of a long entrance mat

An entrance mat that lasts is the assurance of controlling the costs of its maintenance and allowing visitors who use it to do so in complete safety.

A choice for a long time …

When choosing an entrance mat for a school, supermarket, public building or even a private residence, it is not a matter of making the decision lightly. For good reason, an entrance mat is an investment for a long time. Depending on its characteristics, it may be under warranty. And during these years of warranty, users will be required to use it daily. It is therefore key, for the image they have of the building and what they come to find there, that this first element of decoration does not deteriorate.


Daily dirt

Because, whether it is installed outside or inside the building, the carpet undergoes all kinds of daily attacks: dirt, bad weather, solid or liquid particles. The soles of passers-by carry with them dust, residues, traces of mud and other gravel. In addition, visitors often have the right instinct to wipe their soles when entering a building. This is all natural. The carpet is precisely designed for this. It’s his job to keep the dust, the pieces of rubbish. It thus makes it possible to keep the surrounding soil as clean as possible. In terms of maintenance, the more the carpet retains the dirt, the less expensive the maintenance of the entrance hall is. All you have to do is concentrate your efforts on the carpet itself, vacuuming two or three times a week depending on the number of visitors.


Safety for users

But the other advantage of a mat that does not deteriorate is that it guarantees an essential level of safety. Public buildings must legally meet the standards of ERP (Establishment Receiving the Public). A carpet that becomes smooth can become slippery in the rain, a carpet whose edges become stringy or rise up can cause falls. This is why, to prevent a very frequented carpet from deteriorating too quickly, we often choose a built-in carpet, with an aluminum structure. The embedding system in a resistant aluminum frame with corner brackets and anchors is designed to give the mat real stability.


Are you going to apply an entrance mat?

Note that an entrance mat can be very difficult to clean. Of course you are not advised to use “conventional methods” that you might normally use when you are dealing with “home carpets”. To handle an entrance mat, it is highly recommended that you use a professional carpet cleaning service such as Carpet Cleaning Ruislip. They will make sure every detail of your mat is completely clean of harmful, annoying dirt. The cleanliness of your entrance mat will symbolize the professionalism of your business. Don’t let your potential customers doubt your service due to poor hygiene. Finally, we hope this article gave you a new perspective on the importance of an entrance mat. Thank you for reading!

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