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The Go-to Alternative Data Source Coresignal Sees Further Platform Enhancements

Sep 15, 2020 4:07 PM ET

iCrowd Newswire – Sep 15, 2020

Decision-makers behind VC, HR, and other signal-data reliant businesses can now access data easier than ever before

New York, NY, September 15, 2020, – Coresignal, an alternative data broker, introduces Database Application Programming Interface (API), which drastically shortens the notoriously long data filtering and extraction process. The Database API is a self-service solution that enables data-driven companies to easily extract custom filtered data directly from the rich databases of Coresignal, almost instantaneously.This latest addition to Coresignal services gives clients the opportunity to obtain highly filtered and customized public data on people and companies, which can respond to the most specific requests. It means that the Database API filters will allow data-driven businesses to concentrate on information analysis rather than data cleaning and processing operations.  

Database API functions on two levels. At the base the API enables interested parties to filter people and company profiles according to the selected parameters on the database of Coresignal. However, if the client already has a considerable amount of data records, the feature gives an opportunity to identify the information gaps and enrich their data sets. 

“Database API is a win-win solution both for our clients and Coresignal, as it turns days-long request realization into a matter of minutes. For our customer base it means that they will get the freshest data in the market easier than ever before; and for us, the automation of repetitive tasks makes it possible to focus more on further improvement of our service and offerings.” – says Jeremy Ward, CMO at Coresignal. 

Also, the appealing aspect of the Database API integration is the greater pricing flexibility, making high-quality filtered public data on people and companies more accessible to smaller businesses. The revamped model allows the extraction of smaller scale filtered-down data sets, which are more budget-friendly than the complete data licensing packages. This option is especially attractive to first-time clients who can test out a smaller data sample first before committing to larger purchases. 

Enhanced data delivery method advances Coresignal to the leadership positions in the signal data market aimed at empowering companies behind investment intelligence, lead generation, trend forecasting, and data-driven recruitment, to make better-informed strategic business decisions. 

About Coresignal 

Coresignal is a leading provider of high-quality datasets supporting investment intelligence, lead generation, trend forecasting, and data-driven recruitment activities. Our sets include more than 2000 data points from 16 publicly available sources, which serve to enhance the procedures behind the top investors in the market, human resource platforms, and end-to-end sales platforms. It is our mission to promote fact-based business decisions by equipping companies with the best signal data available. 

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Contact Information:

Name: Jeremy Ward
Position: CMO at Coresignal
Email: [email protected]


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