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The Efficient Workplace: Improving efficiency through room reservation software

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 25, 2020  3:10 PM ET

Imagine the chaos and confusion caused in the workplace, when an employee finds someone else using his/her desk? And what about the scramble that occurs when another team has booked the meeting room, where the important budget session was to take place – and everyone finds out 10-minutes prior to the budget meeting! Not only do these occurrences cause stress among the workforce, they also breed inefficiency and loss of productivity.

But employers can (and should!) do something about it. Implementing efficient room reservation software is the first step in fighting back!


You might not realize it, but little things – like not having the right supporting workspace available on-time, every time – have a major impact on employee morale. Instead of using their creative efforts to improve company performance against its competitors, they spend hours in a day room, cubicle, and workspace hunting!

The first step in reclaiming that lost time is to equip your workforce with powerful software tools to help them plan and manage workspace reservations:

  • Facility scheduling software empowers employees to effortlessly check room availability, book workspace, and reserve desks and cubicles. Rooms will always be available when and where they are supposed to be available
  • Meeting room scheduling software helps your team plan important milestones for your company – like client presentations, deal-signing events, and employee briefings – without stressing about where those events will take place. A conference room or meeting facility will always be available to host them
  • Desk scheduling software tools are ideal where work-sharing and office hoteling arrangements are in place. Upon arrival at your facility, visiting guests, co-sharing clients, and employees will always have the space they expected to have to wait for them

When staff can always depend on workspace availability, and not have to scavenge or hunt for it constantly, they always feel less stressed and work to peek performance. This simple first step leads to greater organizational efficiency in other areas of the company – higher employee morale, greater coordination among teams, more timely delivery on deadlines, improved quality of work. Most importantly, it creates a more stress-free work environment, which is essential for any efficient plan to work.


With the right workspace reservation software in place, organizations can build an efficient, integrated workspace management system. Connectivity with the organization’s central communication system, like Active Directory and internet hubs, allows remote access seamlessly to book, reserve, and cancel reservations from home, from other office locations, or even on the go.

By integrating with the office email server, the system facilitates free collaboration among staff where teams working together share work resources such as rooms, cubicles, and workstations. Everyone has access to each other’s schedules, so reserving the right workspace at the right location and at the right time is easy and effortless.

Best of all, by implementing such an efficiency plan, company management accomplishes significant cost-savings too. Not only are resources used to their fullest capacity – which is a cost-saver by itself – but because of the self-serve nature of the software, it eliminates the need for dedicated workspace administrators and booking coordination teams.


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