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The Easy Fixing of Most Common Filtration Problems in a Fish Tank

jaime reef tank half empty
Why is filtration essential for your fish’s life?

You don’t need to be the most experienced aquarist to know that a good fish tank filter will keep the environment healthy and thriving for your fish. When the tank filter isn’t running correctly, the risk of toxins building up in the tank and even poison your fish is significant. Poor filtration leads to a build-up of toxins, and alter the quality of the water. When the filtration isn’t adequate, debris and organic waste will collect at the bottom of the fish tank, causing algae growth after a while.

If the tank water doesn’t provide enough dissolved oxygen, the fish will most likely suffocate. Therefore, circulation is fundamental in a fish tank as the water movement is natural, helping the oxygen get to the fish. Providing the right kind of circulation in the fish tank is essential for your fish to have a happy life.

It draws the water up the intake tube, and throughout the filter media. When a filter fails to create suction, it’s not working at all. It would help if you rinsed out the intake tube or impeller housing. Should the filter still not work, it may be an issue with the motor or the impeller per se.

The tank filter isn’t working at all

Sometimes, you wake up in the morning and get to the fish tank, turning it on and realizing that complete silence takes over the room. Even a power surge or outage can affect the tank equipment. At times, the equipment needs a break before you plug it back in and starts running.

The flow rate is either too low or too high

Once again, you should do your homework when preparing your tank and fish, so see which type of filter suits your fish their likings the best way. Filters are coming with an adjustable flow rate, in which case you may easily slide a lever for customizing the filter intake. Sometimes, you may have to add another source of filtration.