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The Drug Store -An Online Head Shop and Top Shelf Extraordinaire Cannabis Dispensary

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JANUARY 14, 2021/ROAST POST GmbH, MURISTRASSE 17A, 3006, BERN, SWITZERLAND, SWITZERLAND: Dealing in Cannabis-related drugs can be a tall order for many businesses, let alone some daring to even venture into such a business venture due to negative perceptions and connotations attached to it. This predicament is not a problem particular to the Drug Store that has the specialty of dealing in the sale of CBD products, exclusive life products, Gourmet legal Cannabis, and High-Quality headshop items. With its high-quality caliber, the company has set itself apart as an excellent trendsetter in the unique style of their shops’ setup. The stores are modern, sleek, futuristic, and luxuriously looking. The firm has a group of knowledgeable culture connoisseurs who will make grown-ups clamor for Marijuana as children in candy shops.


The headshop is not known for dealing in both all and dab products. All products come in various ways and types such as grinders, filters, ashtrays, etc., while the dab products are fewer in variety and mostly use a THC concentrate known as oil, honey, or wax. The Drug Store has stocked in its headshop dabs products such as e-nails, cab caps, dab and rig bongs, dab mats, terpometer, dabbers and dab tools, torches, and dab containers. Further, other products available are bangers and dab nails as well as dab vaporizers. Care is a necessity when purchasing to pick only the right products for the correct use.

Bonuses and Offers

To support both their local and international clients, the company has an elaborate bonuses system and offers in place. There is free shipping of products on all local orders that are above 50 CHF in Switzerland. Internationally, the company grants its clients free shipping offers on orders above €100 going to Europe. The firm attains fast and easy delivery in shipping all clients’ packages by using Swiss Post. Apart from the free shipping costs, the company grants gifts on respective orders with over 100CHFlocally and €90 to Europe expenditures. The little token or gift given is at the company’s prerogative.

Customer Support

There is a well-equipped and informed staff all around the clock to attend to client queries and orders. Reaching the team is via a sign-up process on the company’s website, where clients leave their details and questions for immediate response. The firm has a blog center that enlists various articles given an in-depth insight on some of its products before purchase.

CBD Products

The company has a closely knitted relationship and connections with relevant world officials, activists, and Cannabis cultivation entities. This worldwide connection and network with the finest growers, Marijuana insiders, and seed banks ensures constant production and supply of high-class CBD marijuana. The company has become a trusted distributor and seller of the globe’s exceptional CBD oils, marijuana creams, Swiss CBD cannabis flower, CBD vape products, and cannabis tinctures.

About the Drug Store

The Drug store is known the world over and has extensive connections with the right organizations and supplies to keep afloat and ensure sustainability. The firm’s headquarters is at Roast Post GmbH, Muristrasse 17A, 3006, Bern, Switzerland. The company had flagship Cannabis dispensaries in Zurich and Bern and has grown to a trend creating level rather than following the trend. The company’s growth has curved its lane in a very competitive industry due to the love and passion for the culture that drives its operations.

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