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The CEO of Gipnetix PTE. LTD. Launches A New Direction After Hitting First 1K Active Users

Oct 28, 2020 8:00 AM ET
The CEO of Gipnetix

iCrowd Newswire – Oct 28, 2020

Singapore/ October 28, 2020 – Gipnetix hits its first 1000 active users interested in learning more about the importance of social media marketing, personal and corporate brand development. Daria Halchak, the CEO of Gipnetix, announces the launch of video courses. Gipnetix works with professionals worldwide to help social media marketers and influencers improve their ads and fill their pages with high-quality content engaging their audiences in a whole new way. Gipnetix PTE. LTD. also offers an extensive selection of marketing courses allowing people of any age to study and improve in online marketing.

Daria Halchak, the CEO of Gipnetix

With Gipnetix, influencers, small business owners, marketing specialists, and just anyone can create an attractive TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook page. Learners can download marketing guides, Gipnetix SMM dictionary, watch video courses, get to know about the latest social media marketing trends, tips, strategies, and much more. People can access the informational content on topics like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn marketing, personal brand development, and business-building through Gipnetix online library.
By providing all the necessary personal brand development and SMM resources, Gipnetix helps SMEs, marketers, and influencers create and improve their Social Media Marketing strategies, develop a personal brand, optimize their ads ROI, increase brand awareness and online sales. Now people of any age and background can master their social media marketing skills and develop their personal brand online. Expect new video courses available on Gipnetix in the next weeks!
“As a rapidly developing young startup, we surely hit countless milestones every quarter. Nonetheless, our recent achievement makes us particularly proud and humbled: we have officially welcomed the first 1000 learners to Gipnetix!
This occasion is so special for us because we care about our students. We are pleased to know that people choose to lean on Gipnetix. Whether people join us for personal enrichment or professional advancement, this means that they are ready to take big steps towards building the lives they desire even in these uncertain times of Covid-19,” said Daria Halchak.
On top of that, we at Gipnetix don’t take this responsibility lightly. We are on the mission of improving learning materials available on our website each and every day. We’re planning on advancing to become the best possible place worldwide for anyone to learn, achieve their dreams, and succeed.

Now, with the first 1000 active learners around the globe on board, it’s clear we’re doing the right thing. However, we’ve never thought of this as an occasion to rest on our laurels. We’re preparing to announce even more exclusive content about brand development and social media marketing to encourage people to work towards their dreams. We still have so much work to do!
We’ll probably take our time to acknowledge this milestone and likely raise a few glasses of champagne to celebrate. We’ll get back to work right after to establish collaboration with new instructors worldwide. Our top priority is creating relevant, valuable content while refining the learning experience on Gipnetix to empower people who chose to join us to meet their goals.


Gipnetix is an online learning platform on a mission to become a source of knowledge that helps influencers, marketers, and SMEs advance in social media marketing and personal brand development while improving the performance of their ads. Whether you are a beginner, an online marketing expert, or a business owner, the platform is designed in a way that you can get the most out of it. With Gipnetix, you can track your campaign results accurately, better understand your audience, generate more quality leads and online sales.

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Company: Gipnetix PTE. LTD
Contact: Alex Sokolov
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +6531591667


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