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With seventy per cent of the planet covered in water it seems absurd that water shortages should be so commonplace. If only the water in the seas were drinkable there’d be no problem. Even the water we run from the tap has to be treated and filtered before it arrives in our kitchens.

Be it Heartwater, bottled water or rainwater in Austin, Water is Essential, We all know how vital water is for life on earth, yet we pollute it and waste it as if it didn’t matter at all. Even now we dump our waste – human and chemical – into the oceans, often untreated. Not surprisingly, this has been catastrophic to marine life. It is bad enough to be so callous towards sea creatures and vegetation, but this cavalier attitude has extended to the way we treat our own water supplies.


In all civilised countries the supply of water to the public has rightly been taken very seriously since the link between disease and polluted drinking water was discovered. But even in recent times there have been lunatic schemes such as the compulsory fluoridation of water, supposedly to reduce tooth decay in children.

Bottled water is popular, though it’s not always looked on with favor. Some people refer to it as an unneeded expense, and others bemoan the additional waste in the city landfill. However, it is an easy, convenient way to get needed fluids. There are several benefits of having and drinking bottled water.

  • Traveling: Bottled water is easy to drink while driving down the road. It hydrates much better than coffee or soda pop, and as it has a lid, it’s less likely to spill. Even if it does, it won’t stain most clothing.
  • Sensitive Stomachs: If you are subject to Montezuma’s Revenge, getting your stomach used to bottled water may be a way to avoid some painful and embarrassing problems. Here’s another tip…don’t use strange tap water to brush your teeth, use your water.
  • Emergency Preparedness: One of the biggest problems after a disaster is a lack of clean drinking water. Damage to sewers and water mains can mix the nasty stuff and leave you without either. Keeping a supply on hand can relieve at least one worry after something has happened.
  • Convenience: There are no dirty dishes to wash, and having it next to your computer instead of coffee can prevent sticky spills into the keyboard. Having experienced both, I have to tell you that having a bottle of water with the lid on can save you from having to replace the keyboard.
  • Proper Hydration: Most Americans are dehydrated. We don’t drink enough water, and the fluids we do use tend to be caffeinated. That doesn’t help, as caffeine acts like a diuretic, making the problem worse. I’ve tried an experiment, and here are the results. If a liquid is sitting next to where I’m working, I will unconsciously drink it. It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s amazing how fast it disappears and I don’t even know I’m drinking it.
  • Weight Loss: Many beverages have considerable calories, water has none. It also has no caffeine, which can cause water weight gain. It flushes out toxins, rather than adding more, which can also help weight loss.

There are ways around the problems naysayers put forward. Don’t dump the empties in the trash, recycle them. In many states, you pay an additional fee for such drinks, which you can get back by returning the empties. In California, that fee is four cents per container, and to be honest, I want my money back.

If you have a good home water filter, you can refill the bottles once or twice before recycling them. More than that could cause problems, as the human mouth can have some nasty bugs such as E-coli. This will help a sensitive stomach as well, expanding the choices of which type to use.

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