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The artist Berta Jayo presents her new work in Miami

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Berta Jayo is a guest artist at this year’s New Media Festival entitled: ‘Censura’.

This new work by Berta Jayo consists of a video featuring presidents of government from eleven countries characterized as devils.

“Politics,” says the artist, “has got into art like the devil in the world. We see politicians accused of corruption, mismanagement, racism, xenophobia and other evils; politicians concerned with staying in power rather than the common good, who, driven by greed and ambition, deprive people of their freedom”. “They make self-serving decisions by eliminating opposing views from the public debate by means of pure and harsh censorship at times, at others disguised and subtle”.

Berta Jayo has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country. She did her postgraduate and master’s degree at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and continued her training at the ISCP in New York (International Studio and Curational Program).

In her work, she shows an intelligent and innovative art, far from the stereotypes.

She is considered a multidisciplinary conceptual artist whose line is marked by codes of free and surprising character.

In one of her last appearances, she takes a series of photographs in which the most important monuments in the world disappear, where she emphasizes the importance of creation in our society.

Her religious, priest’s, and nun’s costumes made with different fabrics or with camouflage, polka-dot, picture, flower and colour fabrics, etc, are also remarkable. These appear on the streets, in museums, or in specific places in different countries.

Other facets are architectural designs and artist’s books. She publishes her first book ‘Sabático’ in 2013, her second ‘Poamario’ in 2015, and her third book ‘Regalos de Dios’ in 2020.


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