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TBM and Bioworks announce Bio Face CoolTM and Bio Face Lite CoolTM, cool feeling face masks knitted from biomass-based yarn

Jun 21, 2020 9:00 PM ET

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Comfortable in the summer and still Environmental-friendly, ready for pre-order –

  • Newly introduced Bio Face CoolTM and Bio Face Lite CoolTM made of cool feeling, biomass-based yarn provide premium comfort for hot summer season.
  • Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, more people are forced to continue wearing masks. However, in the summer, wearing a mask can be uncomfortable under high temperature and humidity.
  • These masks are the new products from Bio FaceTM series, the washable and reusable face masks made of biomass-based PLA (polylactic acid) yarn.
  • The masks contain drastically less fossil fuel-based plastic compared to disposable masks, since they are washable and reusable for 30 times and mostly made of biomass-based yarns including PLA.
  • Also, when burned, these masks emit less CO2 compared to disposable masks since biomass-based yarns are considered as carbon neutral.
  • If interested, please contact Tomoya Nakamura ([email protected]) at TBM.

Tokyo, June 19, 2020 – TBM and Bioworks are pleased to announce that Bio Face CoolTM and Bio Face Lite CoolTM are now ready for pre-ordering from worldwide locations. These cool feeling fabric masks are knitted with biomass-based yarns, which lead to a comfortable usage of face masks even in humid summer season. They could be washed and reused for around 30 times, which lead to reduction of single use plastic and CO2 emission.

“Despite the global mega trend to turn away from single use plastics, use of disposable masks has tremendously increased due to the current coronavirus pandemic. It is resulting in the increase of single use plastic waste.” said Nobuyoshi Yamasaki, CEO of TBM. “We believe that instead of disposable masks, more reusable, environment-friendly masks will become the standard in the market. As summer begins, we added a cool feeling function to our Bio FaceTM masks for premium comfort.”

? Features of Bio Face CoolTM masks

Knitted from antibacterial and mildly acidic (close to human skin) yarn
Bio Face CoolTM masks are knitted from polylactic acid (PLA) yarn and plant-derived yarn with a cooling function. PLA yarn is mildly acidic (close to human skin) and holds antibacterial properties based on a Japanese test lab report.

Washable and reusable

Bio Face CoolTM masks can be washed and used repeatedly. It could be washed for 30 times, which lead to reduction of mask waste.

? Bio FaceTM Series Details
All available for pre-order.

Bio Face Cool Bio Face Lite Cool
Sizes   S?for children??M?L   S?for children??M?L
Production Country   Japan and Asia   Japan and Asia
Suggested Retail Price
*Discount prices will be offered for bulk orders
(not including VAT)
  US$ 14.99 / 1 mask
* Same as Bio Face
  US$ 3.99 / 1 mask
* Same as Bio Face Lite
Color   White   White
Production Capacity   Plan to secure more than 100,000 masks      by July   Plan to secure more than 200,000 masks   by July and 300,000 masks by August

* Bio FaceTM series masks do not block the intrusion of virus airborne droplets and pollen in the air.

* It is recommended to insert a commercially available virus reduction filter to block the intrusion of viruses and pollen.

* Antibacterial means “to suppress bacterial growth on the surface of the product,” and does not mean to kill or decontaminate the bacteria.

* Washing by hand is recommended when washing the mask. If washed by washing machine, please put the mask in a laundry net.

* Please note that the product shape may change if the mask is washed in a washing machine.

* Please do not use dryers, bleach nor softener. Please use a neutral detergent. Please do not expose the mask to direct sunlight when drying.

* We do not accept return or exchange after purchase.
* NOT for medical use or surgical use. For general use (in office, shopping, public transportation etc.)

* “Cool feeling” means to feel coldness when the heat is absorbed while the skin is in contact with the fabric. It does not mean that the cool feeling will last for a long time.

*Wearing this mask does not prevent heat stroke.

? Order / Contact Information

For Purchase, please contact via contact form.

About TBM Co., Ltd.

TBM is a company based in Japan specializing in developing, manufacturing and distributing LIMEX®, an innovative new material mainly made from limestone and inorganic materials. LIMEX® is a material that can become an alternative of paper and plastic. By delivering recyclable LIMEX® worldwide, TBM aims to contribute to solving marine plastic pollution, resource depletion and many other environmental problems that the world is facing. In 2019, TBM was evaluated as the second largest unicorn company in Japan.

About Bioworks Corporation

Bioworks is a subsidiary of TBM, based in Japan. Bioworks specializes in developing, manufacturing and distributing Plax®, a 100% biomass-based bioplastic. Plax® is highly functional in aspects such as heat resistance, impact resistance and flexibility.

Contact Information:

Natsumi Sakai
Corporate Communication, TBM Co., Ltd.
+81 80 3457 1822 (mobile)
[email protected] / [email protected]


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