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TapTok Launches Discount Program for Small Businesses

Aug 27, 2020 8:12 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Aug 27, 2020

TapTok, a company that offers mobile contact-sharing technologies, has announced a new discount program aimed at small businesses who are struggling during the pandemic. TapTok CEO Jaime Manteiga knows that small businesses have been hit extra hard by social distancing restrictions and wanted to give them a chance to benefit from the company’s products that help build networks and client bases. “Everyone’s tightening their belt just to survive,” says Manteiga. “But when you can’t invest in products and services that help improve your business, it hurts you in the long run.”

TapTok’s contact sharing products are especially timely in a “touch-free” era because they don’t require a physical exchange. Contact details are transferred electronically from TapTok devices directly to client phones or tablets (without the need for any apps) through either Near-Field Communication (NFC) or a camera scan of a QR code, eliminating the need to hand out physical business cards. “Small business owners deal more directly with potential clients – often face-to-face,” says Manteiga. “We make it easier to build these initial relationships safely.”

TapTok currently offers two form factors for their devices – a card (about the size of a credit card), and an adhesive “Dot” that can be affixed to a mobile device or another convenient surface. Along with the contact sharing feature, TapTok provides real-time updates of contact information, analytics of interactions, and automatic lead generation – all of which are included with unlimited use in the discount. With the new program, small businesses receive up to 60% off TapTok products and direct access to the support team. Some free perks will also be included in all orders.


7001 N Waterway Dr. Suite 107T
Miami, FL 33155

Contact Information:

Jaime Manteiga (CEO)
Janse Lazo (CMO)
Ana Suarez (Operations Manager)


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