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Steve Buchanan Discovers Kevin David

steve buchanan discovers kevin david

Jun 15, 2020 2:27 PM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Jun 15, 2020

During the pandemic, Steve Buchanon is finding other ways to make money online.

Omaha, NE / June 15, 2020

Steve Buchanan of Omaha has been an entrepreneur for over 40 years. He knows that even the worst economic situations provide opportunities for those who know how to find them. He is very passionate about nature and the farm to table movement. He works to provide farm-fresh food to local Nebraska restaurants. However, the Coronavirus motivated him to begin expanding his business horizons. When he discovered Kevin David on Youtube, he knew he’d found something special.

Kevin David has made teaching others how to obtain success and financial freedom his life’s work. He’s founded several million-dollar businesses, written books, created online courses, and created many instructional Youtube videos so everyone can learn the secrets to success. He states, “I am teaching thousands of like-minded individuals to leave their 9-5 Jobs Behind and Free them from Corporate Slavery!”

Now is the perfect time to begin a new work from home endeavor. Steve Buchanan Omaha found several great suggestions in Kevin David’s video. The video offers several ideas for making money from home.


The number two job is a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants can work in many different fields, and they have the opportunity to learn more about the industry their employer is in. This can open up new job opportunities because it gives the assistant real-life experience that can be invaluable when moving up in the field. It’s also a great way to take existing organizational or customer service skills and breaking into a new industry.

The number one idea is a knowledge worker. The best thing about this idea is that everyone is knowledgeable about something. Certain types of knowledge are particularly marketable. Health, wealth, and relationships. Steve Buchanan from Omaha is considering using his knowledge of business and the farm to table movement to create a new income stream.

The best part about this type of job is its accessibility. Nearly everyone has something they are knowledgeable about. The biggest hurdle is learning how to find clients interested in the knowledge you have to offer. Once you’ve learned how to market yourself and connect with clients, you are earning money with what you already know.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a great way to make extra money according to Kevin David. Amazon FBA is accessible for beginners, and it can be scaled to your schedule and monetary means. FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon. Essentially, you partner with Amazon. You also have the option to sell products on your own website and have them fulfilled by Amazon. They store your inventory, provide you with a selling platform, and ship it for you. Amazon has the manpower and shipping to do the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on choosing the right products and marketing.

Steve Buchanan enjoyed Kevin David’s straight forward approach. He explains that it does require money to get started. However, it is a great opportunity for those with the financial means to be successful.

The biggest expenses associated with starting an Amazon FBA are:

  • Course $2,000
  • Inventory $1,500
  • Shipping $500
  • Giveaways $250
  • Barcodes $250
  • Other expenses $287

The total is almost $5,000. This gives you everything you need to be successful, including your beginning inventory. It’s important to have enough inventory to gain momentum when you start selling with Amazon. As your items sell, your items will begin to rank in Amazon’s search results. That’s also where giveaways come in. Giving away product is the same as selling the product as far as Amazon’s statistics are concerned, so even giving products away to get the word out will raise your ranking.

From $0-$10,000

In this video, Kevin David starts with no money and attempts to earn $10,000. It’s often assumed that you have to have money to make money. He turns this concept on its head in this challenge. He begins by making $50 by providing consultation services. He begins by joining Facebook groups and messaging those who post questions in the groups. He offers digital marketing consultations. He mentions that you can offer consultations for other types of knowledge as well, or you can easily learn about digital marketing if you don’t have any expertise in the area.

Once he’s earned $50 from the first consultation, he subscribes to the website Marketer Magic. This site allows you to find business owners in your area. You can then contact them and offer your consultation services. You can also use it to narrow businesses down by industry. Steve Buchanan of Omaha is considering offering consultations for other businesses in the agriculture industry.

Steve Buchanan Omaha has always been a farmer at heart. His love for family and nature has allowed him to be successful in running his farm. He hopes that his daughters will take over the business in the future. He takes immense pride in his role in the farm to table movement. He believes that the farm to table movement is beneficial for businesses, consumers, and the environment.

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