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Spizzler Reviews ( United States/ Australia Update) – Is this another scam or genuine Earwax Removal?



Spizzler Earwax removal Reviews 2022: Stop pushing cotton swabs into your ears! See what Spizzler offers

Many people have damaged their ears in an attempt to clean them. It has been proven medically that the ear is one of the most delicate organs of the body. Much more of it lies deep in the skull, completely out of sight. Therefore, when you introduce objects into the ear, you had better be sure it doesn’t get to the sensitive parts and cause irreparable damage.
The ear naturally produces the earwax, also called cerumen medically, which lubricates the skin of the ear and serves to protect the ear canal from water damage, trauma, infection, and foreign agents.
Although hardly a problem, when the earwax builds to large amounts, it is advisable to clean it off particularly for hygienic purposes. And there lies the caveat: the ear is so sensitive that little trauma can lead to its damage, permanently!
Cotton swabs sure help clean the ear, but the question is, how safe are they? It is a matter of risk versus benefit. And, in that case, the risk outweighs the benefits. Moreover, the cleaning efficiency of these swabs is controversial as many report that instead of cleaning off the wax, cotton swabs do the opposite – they push it deeper into the ear!
How do we clean our ears? An American-based company has an answer – the Spizzler ear cleaning device. Built with a revolutionary design, the Spizzler claims to offer both safety and more efficient and long-lasting benefits.
Are all the reviews rave or does the Spizzler live up to the hype? We’ll find out.
This review of the Spizzler ear cleaning device will answer the question of what Spizzler really is, how it works, how to use, how safe it is, special features, how it compares with cotton swabs, pros and cons and lots more.
To start with, let’s see objects you shouldn’t put into your ears for the sake of cleaning.


Objects You Should Never Use to Clean the Ear (Spizzler Reviews )



In a bid to keep the ears clean, as free from the ‘dirty’ earwax as possible, many people have gone deaf. Since the ear, especially the eardrum, is at risk when we insert objects into the ear canal, what exactly we put inside of it and how we do it is a very crucial consideration to make.
For whatever reason, be it to clean the ears or otherwise, you should never insert these objects into your ears.
Cotton Swabs: Don’t insert cotton swabs into your ear canal. While this is a common ear cleaning object, its risk-to-benefit ratio is very high. Cleaning your ear with a cotton swab can cause earwax impaction, a perforated eardrum, or a dry, irritated ear canal, all of which can impact hearing.
Ear Candles: Ear candling involves placing a cone-shaped candle into your ear canal and lighting it; the vacuum this creates supposedly draws excess earwax out of your ear. Not only does this lack medical support, it is extremely dangerous and can permanently damage your ears.
Fingers: Never insert your fingers into the ears. You merely smear the wax rather than clean it off. It is an unhygienic act.
Pen and pencil ends: This is a common practice in Africa and some other parts of the world. These objects have left many deaf.




What is Spizzler? (Spizzler reviews 2022)
The Spizzler is a revolutionary ear cleaning device that gently dislodges earwax and spirals away debris that clogs the ear canals. It is a risk-free alternative to cotton swabs and other objects that have been traditionally used to clean the ears.
The Spizzler is specifically created to safely remove earwax. Its spiral design reflects this. Not only does Spizzler guarantee safety, it is far more efficient than the regular ear cleaning devices and objects.
Inserting Spizzler into the ears efficiently cleans off earwax within 30 seconds of twisting the tool. What’s more? Every episode of cleaning so thoroughly cleans the ears that you essentially need a single clean in a few weeks.
Worry not about recharging this device because it uses no batteries. It is manually operated and therefore can be used anytime, anywhere.
With a fine design of silicone-based tips, you can collect earwax rather than push it deeper as is the case with cotton swabs. An interesting thing here is that these tips are flexible and soft enough to get to the ear without risk of irritation and inflammation. Additionally, they are heat-, cold-, and moisture-resistant and fit into any ear, big or small.
That the Spizzler silicone tips are reusable means that you can always wash them after another day of cleaning. The benefit of this ranges from individual to ecological, since, unlike cotton swabs that may end up in water bodies, contaminating the environment, the Spizzler tips can be used over and over again before disposal.
Spizzler ear cleaning device is portable and lightweight, making it perfect for travels and camping. Simply put this device in your knapsack and you’ll be glad you did.
Spizzler is a well-priced ear cleaning device that offers efficient, safe, and pain-free cleaning of the ear.
Within 30 days of purchase, you can return Spizzler if you don’t like it. The company offers a 100-% money-back guarantee.




Why is the Spizzler design so important? (Spizzler reviews 2022)
Because the sense of hearing is extremely important to our functioning as humans, any device that goes into the ear must be worth it, else we put ourselves in harm’s way. To ensure Spizzler is safe, the manufacturer came up with the most perfect of designs for this device.
Spizzler has a spiral tip. There are two reasons for this.
The first is that parts of the Spizzler farther from the tip are wider whereas those closer to the tip get narrower, therefore, the tip itself is nowhere near coming into contact with your eardrum which is about 2.5cm from the external ear. Therefore, risk of ear drum perforation is markedly reduced.
Again, the Spizzler spiral tip ensures that while twisting the device within the ear, it more efficiently collects ear wax as it would have if it had been round or smooth. This means that Spizzler will thoroughly remove the wax and you won’t have to use this device on a daily basis.




Spizzler Product Details (Spizzler Reviews)
● Product Name: Spizzler
● Product Type: Ear Wax Removal Tool
● Material: High-grade Silicone [16 silicone heads per pack]
● Design:Spiral
● No. of replaceable tips = 16
● Available: Official website


Spizzler earwax removal Features
Spizzler is a breakthrough technology tool that offers safe and efficient ear cleaning. The features of this revolutionary product are as follows.
1. No requirement for battery
Spizzler is a use-anytime ear cleaning device because it is manually operated. You won’t spend on batteries and you won’t have to worry about recharging them either. Spizzler doesn’t require battery or power. Simply insert this device and spiral it to dislodge earwax and debris that accumulate in ear canals.


2. Tip of silicone material
The most important part of the Spizzler ear wax remover is its tip. The important features of this tip worthy of special attention include:
i. Spiral shape – Spizzler tip design in the form of a spiral puts the device in a vantage position to safely and efficiently remove earwax. The device doesn’t get to the eardrum and it thoroughly collects wax as it spirals.
ii. Silicone-based material – Made of silicone, the tip is highly flexible and hence softer and gentler to the ear. This will reduce the risk of irritation and inflammation. Additionally, the silicone tip is resistant to moisture, heat and cold.
iii. Reusable – The silicone-based tip of Spizzler need not be used only once. After every episode of cleaning, remove the tip and wash with soap and water and store in a cool, dry place.
iv. Replaceable – There are multiple replacement tips with every purchase of Spizzler. Typically, the package comes with 16 tips. The tips fit into any ear, big or small, and therefore can be used by both adults and kids.


3. Eco-friendly gadget
Cotton swabs are one-off objects that must be disposed of after every use. This relates to uncontrolled deposition of these materials on land and into water bodies, polluting the environment. Since Spizzler tips are reusable, there is a much smaller number of tips to contaminate the environment and hence Spizzler is eco-friendly.


4. Portable device
Because Spizzler is small-size and lightweight, there’s no reason not to include this in your knapsack when about to embark on journeys. It is a very portable device. Spizzler is perfect for camping and tourism.


5. Durable
Made with high-quality materials, from the tip to the handle, Spizzler ear wax remover is a highly durable material that is meant to be used for a long time.




What to expect after ordering Spizzler earwax removal


● 1 x Silicone Ear Wax Cleaner
● 16 x Removable Heads
● 1 x Instructional manual


How It works – Spizzler reviews 2022
The Spizzler ear cleaning tool works in a simple way to remove ear wax. Its spiral tip helps clean the ear canals thoroughly without posing harm to the eardrum.
By fully removing the debris and wax, Spizzler Ear Wax cleanser reduces the stuffiness and itchy sensation in the ears. Your hearing sense improves as the ears clear up.




Step-by-step process of Using Spizzler (Spizzler reviews 2022)




Spizzler is one of the easiest devices to use. Both kids and adults can use this device without harming themselves.

To use the Spizzler, take the following steps.

● Step 1: Unbox the package

● Step 2: Fix a silicone tip on top of the handle.
● Step 3: Gently and slowly insert the spizzler into your ear canal
● Step 4: Twist the device in either the clockwise or anticlockwise direction for at least 30 seconds to clean up the ear.
● Step 5: Using clean water and soap, clean up Spizzler after use and store in a cool, dry place.




Is Spizzler Any good?
Spizzler is an efficient way to remove ear wax without coming down with ear damage or related problems. Some of the benefits of this device include:

Super-efficient wax remover – Spizzler is highly efficient in wax removal because of its design. The spiral-shaped silicone tips collect wax so thoroughly that you only need to use this device once in a few weeks to clean your ear canal.

Pain-free and No inflammation – Spizzler doesn’t elicit pains or cause irritation or inflammatory reactions that end up causing serious ear problems.

Safe to use – As a GMP-certified product, Spizzler is entirely safe for use.

For both adults and kids – Spizzler is suitable for both kids and adults. Its tip is a one-size-fits-all component that fits into any ear, big or small.

Affordable – A unit of Spizzler costs only $29.95 (shipping fee excluded). Unlike cotton swabs you need to purchase regularly, you only need to buy this once.

Why use Spizzler over cotton swabs? (Spizzler reviews 2022)
Spizzler is a better alternative to cotton swabs as you can see in the comparison below






Pros of Spizzler (Spizzler reviews 2022)
✔ Better than cotton swabs
✔ Budget friendly tag
✔ Can be taken by the young and old
✔ Causes no side effect or irritation
✔ Contains no chemicals or toxins
✔ Easy to Use
✔ Fast shipping services
✔ No negative health impact
✔ Portability and durability
✔ Price friendly tag
✔ Relieves you of pain in your ear
✔ Replaceable tips
✔ Safe for use
✔ Saves you from surgeries and costly prescriptions
✔ Secure and guaranteed payment
✔ Causes no side effects or allergies


(Spizzler reviews 2022) – Cons of Spizzler
✔ Limited in stock.
✔ Only available in the official online store.
✔ The flexibility may affect removal of thicker wax.


Where to buy Spizzler earwax Removal
Spizzler is only available in the official online store.

Price Of Spizzler (Spizzler Reviews 2022)
● One Spizzler – $29.95 + 7.95 Shipping Fee
● Two Spizzlers – $19.95 Per Unit + Free Shipping
● Four Spizzlers – $14.95 Per Unit + Free Shipping


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Return policy
The company offers a 30-day cash-back guarantee. If you don’t like the results, then you can contact them and get a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase at:
● Email Customer Service is available 24 hours a day at [email protected]
● Toll-free Customer Service is available 5 days a week, from 9:00 to 17:00 (CET) at:
● US: +1 (855) 858-4524


All returns must be sent to:
Returns Processing Center
C/O 200 Docks Corner Road, Suite 221
Dayton, NJ 08810



FAQs (Spizzler Ear Wax Remover Review)
What is the best way to clean Spizzler?
Individuals are simply recommended to wash the Spizzler tip with soap and water and to let it dry before storage.

How long will it take to remove earwax using Spizzler?
According to the claims made, Spizzler can dislodge earwax within the first 30 seconds of twisting. However, more time might be needed on ears that aren’t completely filled with earwax.
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How many Spizzler tips are contained in Spizzler’s package?
Each Spizzler purchase includes 16 replaceable and reusable silicone heads.

Does Spizzler cause ear irritation?
No, in fact, Spizzler is considered 100% safe to use, non-irritating, and has been designed to prevent individuals from harming their ears.

Will Spizzler eliminate the feeling of stuffiness inside my ears?
The makers believe Spizzler might eliminate the feeling of fullness while also limiting itchy sensations in the ears.

Bottom line – Spizzler Reviews
The ear as an organ of hearing is very delicate and hence care must be taken in an attempt to keep it clean. Most traditional methods of cleaning the ear not only fail to guarantee effective cleaning but may cause serious ear dysfunction including deafness.
Spizzler, on the other hand, is a revolutionary ear wax remover that offers a highly efficient and safe method of cleaning the ear.
It is a highly-rated product with lots of customer reviews.


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