Some Different Types Of Tonneau Covers

A tonneau cover is a truck accessory that protects your truck bed from outside elements like rain, snow, and dirt. It’s also a great way to add utility to your truck and increase protection against theft. If you search for tonneau covers, you’ll find that there are many different types to choose from. Soft Folding Covers – Sold folding covers use soft materials to protect your truck bed.

They fold back two times to reveal or close the top of your truck bed. They are incredibly easy to use, and a great alternative to roll-up covers if you prefer to open the truck bed with less effort. Hard Folding Covers – Hard folding covers function the same way as soft folding covers do. The only difference is that the top is made of hard materials like aluminum.

These covers are priced higher than soft folding covers for obvious reasons. Heavy Duty Covers – Heavy-duty covers are like hard folding covers. The difference is that they can withstand weighty cargo on top of the cover. It makes sense to buy heavy-duty covers if you plan on using the top of the cover to carry additional cargo like mountain bikes and other heavy equipment.

These covers are usually priced a little higher than hard folding covers. Retractable Covers – One thing you’ll notice about the previous tonneau covers is that when they are folded up, they block the rear window. Retractable covers offer a solution to both scenarios. You can easily find painted metal covers that match the color of your truck.

The only exception is if you’ve painted your truck with a unique or custom color.

So Which Cover Should You Buy?

To figure out which cover you should buy, think about how you’re going to use the truck cover. If you simply need a cover to protect the truck bed from water, snow, and dirt, the fabric roll up and soft folding covers should be perfect. They are easy to use and gets the job done when it comes to keeping your truck cover clean. Now, if you’re looking to haul some heavy cargo on the top of the cover, then you must go for the heavy-duty covers.

They will not rip, crack, or break from the weight of the heavy cargo. Finally, if you want a cover but still want an aesthetic look to your truck, you can go with the retractable or painted cover. The painted metal covers are great if you simply want to match the color of your truck.

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