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SmartCover® Recognized for Bringing Underground Visibility to Smart Sewer Infrastructure


Advancement for wastewater operations protects public health, the environment and quality of life for communities across North America

ESCONDIDO, CA, SEPTEMBER 30, 2019 –When the 2019 Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) wrapped up on September 25, it was more evident than ever that technology is providing the world with more data-driven and effective water and wastewater solutions.

In fact, one project using SmartCover technology to reduce sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) in San Antonio, Texas, was chosen as one of the top paper submissions by BlueTech Research. BlueTech, a global provider of water technology market intelligence, cited the “massive improvement from an IoT solution (95% decrease in cleanings over one year).”

The project also was honored by Water & Wastes Digest as a 2019 Top Project. Winners exemplified excellence in collaboration, strength in overcoming project challenges and taking their project beyond just construction and technical goals, according to the publication.

The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) was facing an EPA Consent Decree that would have cost an estimated $1 billion. SAWS turned to Escondido, CA-based SmartCover® for the installation of 200 manhole monitoring systems at high frequency cleaning (HFC) sites throughout their wastewater system. The combination of real-time monitoring and trend analysis provided predictive insights into the behavior of the collection system, allowing SAWS to have visibility of a potential problem days or even weeks ahead while also providing continuous overflow protection in case of storms.

Since deploying the SmartCover cleaning optimization program, there have been only 65 cleanings identified and performed at locations where previously approximately 1,300 cleanings were scheduled. SAWS has experienced a 95% reduction in cleaning and ZERO SSO incidents with 216 SSO “saves”—more than $1 million in savings based on an average spill cost of $5,000.

Not only were costs lowered while preventing SSOs, but pipeline assets were protected.  Some of the city’s pipes are considered high risk, and can be damaged by HFC — traditionally a best practice in the industry. However, HFC is really a last resort because of high operating expense and asset wear and tear. In addition, HFC is essentially a “blind” process because there is no visibility to pipe conditions between cleanings.

During WEFTEC, SmartCover debuted its latest system design, the SubSonic Dual Sensor as the core sensor for their suite of wastewater technology solutions. The dual sensor extends visibility throughout the entire manhole from the bottom of the channel to the cover. Not only does the dual sensor provide customers with full dynamic range of manholes, it combines the accuracy of ultrasonic with the wide range of a pressure sensor. The SubSonic embeds a pressure sensor to detect water level changes from the outset and continue to provide valuable data beyond the point when the ultrasonic sensor becomes submerged. The sealed submersion sensor is virtually maintenance-free, issues alarms when a manhole is reaching overflow levels, and allows wastewater operators to triage manholes and prevent SSOs.

“To battle inflow and infiltration, utilities need to identify segments of their collections system with the highest level of I and I. SmartCover better informs operators on rapidly changing water levels throughout the channel,” said Greg Quist, CEO of SmartCover. “High wet-weather flows can be compared to dry weather flows to establish a ratio that identifies I and I so that preventive actions stop spills.”

SAWS install 8 wide
PHOTO:  SmartCover installation in San Antonio, Texas.

SmartCover SubSonic Dual Sensor with Chord 190926

PHOTO: SubSonic™ Dual Sensor

About SmartCover: SmartCover® is a pioneering technology provider specializing in wastewater solutions that protect lives in the field, the environment, and the quality of life in communities throughout North America. SmartCover solutions gather and monitor remote sewer data, perform analytics, and enable informed decisions to stop sewer spills. Since 2005, the company has prevented thousands of sewer spills and saved millions of dollars for wastewater utilities.. In addition to preventing sewer spills, SmartCover’s suite of technology has a range of applications including the reduction of high frequency cleanings, locating inflow and infiltration (I&I), intrusion detection, and H2S control. SmartCover software monitors real time trends in a wastewater collection system and delivers timely advisories via desktop or smart devices. The technology integrates with the Iridium® satellite network, making it impervious to power or cell outages during severe weather — making it especially advantageous for remote locations. SmartCover is a member of XPV Water Partners. To learn more visit

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